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So much shit happened today that I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to blog about tonight. And then, like a freight train full of rendered cattle ramming headlong through the middle of my boudoir, the National Organization for [straight] Marriage posted a huge festering pile of shit on its blog. And the earth opened and the hellfires rose up and tickled me on my perky little ass and I screamed, “yes. Yes. YES! Sweet heat, burn the words from my mind through my fingers and all over my blog, like man-seed on my belly after a fun Friday night.”

Fasten your seatbelts.

Now, we’ve previously established that you sluts do not read anything to which I link. So, while I will provide a link to the festering pile of shit, please know that I have taken it upon myself to don a haz-mat suit to read the entirety of the mess. For you. That is how much I love you. Let’s break it DOWN!

First, the title of the post is “The Miracle Continues.” What miracle, you ask? No, Jesus did not come back to earth. No, Mary did not appear in a bag of fucking Cheetos. No, my fantastic man-tits were not gifts from the Pope. The “miracle” is that, according to NOM, its ads are working. You know the ads: The ones full of lies, mistruths, scare tactics, Canadians (yes, citizens of another country) who have been fired for anti-gay comments in violation of CANADIAN law (and did I mention Canada is a separate, sovereign country where the rules and laws are different/better than in the U.S. on this issue?), business owners who have been denied their GOD FUCKING GIVEN rights to discriminate against homosexuals, and kindergartners who have been taught in public schools across the universe to give blow jobs.



Since the lies began airing roughly the middle of October, the dumbest of dumb voters have decided that the literally unfathomable is in fact true. And I’m not just talking about the existence of God. People actually believe that school children who can’t even fucking read are going to be taught directly from The Joy of Gay Sex in every public school in the U.S.

Second, and you better sit your perky ass in a chair, NOM has come out of the closet as a race baiter (even though we all knew it was thanks to the internal memos that the Human Rights Campaign was able to obtain).  I am just going to snip the relevant portion for you, because I cannot do this shit justice with a summary:

White v Black

White liberals are holding black folk down. No, they are. WHAT?

Do you see that? NOM is openly trying to drive wedges between minority groups, even though at the time the memos were revealed, Brian Brown (NOM’s Grand Poobah) responded, “We proudly bring together people of different races.” I would feel like an asshole for not pointing out that NOM’s leadership (at least those that it is willing to disclose) is made up entirely of entitled white people, mostly men.

Third, something about how traditional marriage voters are going to show up en masse and elect Romney and the polls are tight and how Obama is a gay-loving, marriage hating, liberal and how some gay-haters will still vote for Obama but that’s ok because NOM is extra inclusive and loves everyone. No, I’m not making any of that up, I’m just too fucking annoyed to explain further.

Fourth, one other person whom I have never heard of but apparently speaks Russian and Hebrew (again, not making this up) is speaking out against marriage equality. Dennis Prager. Oh, yeah. And Billy Graham, well-known for BEING AS CLOSE TO DEATH AS ANY PERSON ON THE PLANET. Tick tock, Oldy Moldy and your intolerant ilk. Tick fucking tock.

And finally . . . mercifully . . . the blog post ends with a video featuring that insipid pixie of a woman, Kelly Yanta, who is to journalism what black is to white.  I would embed the video, but the cunts and WordPress want me to pay for additional space or something. Plus, I don’t want you to throw up your last meal without affirmatively clicking on a link and assuming the risk knowingly and voluntarily.

As you can see, the miracle does indeed continue. For example, that these people continue to have a voice in American politics and culture is a fucking miracle. That these people have some how convinced racial minorities that liberals are out to get them is a fucking miracle. That some Americans continue to give these villains their ear and pay even a thread of attention to their ads and their lies is a Christmas fucking miracle.

2012 will be the year that all that changes. Nov. 6, 2012, by my estimation.





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In today’s edition of Bullshitting Bullshitters, I bring you this doozie from the folks at the National Organization for Marriage (and accompanying NOM blog post):

NOM Lies

The Devil is in the details, jerks!

First, let me be clear that this information reflects net domestic migration, not overall population trends (which are positive in California, Illinois, Michigan, and New York). In other words, this information represents people moving around within the U.S., from state to state. Having said that, let me now dissect the problems with this giant turd for you.

Problem A: Cause and Effect. I mean, did NOM really try to imply that people are moving out of states like California to southern, red states to flee all of the gay and lesbian people who are getting married there? Seriously? The Census Bureau did not and does not track the reason for migration, so NOM is lying to you and attempting to draw a conclusion that is inaccurate. Big surprise, I know. Does anyone believe that people are uprooting their lives because homos can get married in some of these states, even people who hate the living fuck out of gay marriage? Stupid.

Problem B: Time Range. Read the fine print at the bottom. Those trends represent migration over 10 entire years (although, please note that that U.S. Census Bureau did not produce data for the year 2010, so I’m not sure where NOM and the Examiner came up with that spread). Also, those numbers do not indicate proportion or percentage of residents moving, either. For example, for 2011, California only lost about 66,000 residents to migration, which represents less that .2 (yes, POINT TWO) percent of its population to domestic migration (and actually gained in population overall).

Problem C: Destination Correlation. The data collected and kept by U.S. Census Bureau does not track individual migration trends, so to say that blue state residents are packing up and moving directly to red states is foolish, to say the least. It is entirely possible and even likely that California residents packed up and moved to another blue state (Oregon? Washington?) and not a red state.

Problem D: Marriage Equality is More Recent than Most of the Data. Same-sex marriage was not granted in most of the states mentioned until at least mid-way through the data collection range, if at all. Shall we not forgot that gay marriage existed in California for less than 5 months during the entire range of data regurgitated by NOM (June to November, 2008)? True story. And fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, because New York did not grant marriage equality to its gay citizens until …

WAIT FOR IT!!! Damn you people are impatient.

… until July 24, 2011. I don’t know if NOM knows how to count, but 2011 is after the date range of the data in its “Americans Fleeing Blue States” graph, and, therefore, marriage equality could not possibly have had any affect on net migration. In addition, most of the states that NOM insists are attracting domestic migrants because of their “pro-marriage” laws did not ban gay marriage until late in the date range of the data:  Arizona (2008), Florida (2008), North Carolina (2012!!), Texas (2005), Georgia (2004).

NOM is lying again. It is drawing unwarranted conclusions from Census data and using it to try to convince you that people are so afraid of/opposed to gay marriage that they are moving away from progressive states in droves to states that have banned same-sex marriage. It makes no fucking sense when you actually think about it for 37 seconds.

To bad the attention span of many Americans, particularly those who pay any attention to NOM and its allies, is less than 36 seconds, isn’t it?

If you’d like to see the actual numbers and draw your own conclusions, here is a great article to help you.

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Look.  Today has been such an unbelievably crazy day that my head is spinning.  On the battle field for LGBT rights, much blood has been shed.  The kind of blood that I, as a gay man who works hard for LGBT rights, is thrilled to see spill from the figurative body of our opponents.  A day that may well live in infamy as the day that the game of equality changed forever.

Why do I think today was a game changer?

The National Organization of Marriage (“NOM”) has been the subject of an ethics charge in the great state of Maine since 2009.  The charges are related to NOM’s failure to comply with Maine’s donor disclosure laws.  You see, NOM was instrumental in the effort in Maine to strip gay and lesbian citizens from the same sex marriage rights they had won.  NOM gave almost $2 million dollars to the effort, nearly two-thirds of all of the money used in the campaign against marriage equality.  Maine’s election law requires disclosure of all donors who donated more than $100, but NOM doesn’t want to disclose anyone who contributed to its efforts.

As the ethics investigation got under way, much of the evidence and many of the documents were sealed by the United States District Court.  The Human Rights Campaign and Jeremy Hooper of Good As You demanded that the documents be unsealed.  Yesterday, their efforts bore fruit, and the fruit was as ripe and delicious and scandalous as you could ever imagine.  The fruit contained NOM’s political, public relations, and election strategies for 2010, 2011, and 2012.  Here are some of my favorite nuggets, having read only 25% of the information that is available.

  • NOM’s goal is to divide the Democratic base.  How?  By race baiting–driving a wedge between minority groups like the LGBT community, the African-American community, and the Latino/Hispanic community.
  • NOM has an ENORMOUS amount of money.  I can’t even calculate the total amount of money they plan/planned to spend defending non-gay marriage, but it is quite literally in the millions and millions of dollars.
  • NOM was actively recruiting stars, athletes, beauty queens, writers and “other glamorous non-cognitive elites.”  By non-cognitive elites, I swear on everything in which I believe that they are referring to people who are not “attached to intelligence and to intellectual elites.”  For once, I am not going to put words or ideas into your head.  I am going to simply allow you to consider what NOM means by non-cognitive elites.  If you don’t believe me, then I challenge you to read the documents, which are available from HRC and NOM Exposed (see below).
  • Rick Santorum is the “voice” and the “face” of NOM’s efforts.  Senator Rick Santorum.  And now, Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  His name features prominently in the documents filed in the ethics litigation.
  • Part of NOM’s goals, through its various subsidiaries, is to paint Obama as a social radical.  To that end, their goal is and has been to “[d]evelop side issues to weaken pro-gay marraige political leaders and parties” and to “[r]aise such issues as pornography, protection of children, and the need oppose all efforts to weaken religious liberty at the federal level.”  In order to accomplish these objectives, NOM created the American Principles Project, which had an initial budget of $600,000 per year.  If you have been paying attention to the Presidential race, you will see that Rick Santorum and his pals have spent much time and energy resurrecting the culture wars.  Ask any woman you know.  They’ll tell you.

Again, I am going to remind you that I have only read the first 20 pages of the documents that HRC and NOM Exposed published.  I can’t imagine what I am going to find as I go through the rest of the information.

The blogosphere is ON FIRE today.  LGBTs, African Americans, Latinos, progressives, women, major media outlets have grabbed ahold of this story and run with it.  I believe in my heart that this information will change minds and hearts in our favor.  You know, it is one thing to have anecdotal evidence that people are out to get you for the wrong reasons and that they will tell any lie (at best) or do anything (at worst) to defeat you.  I will admit, however, that I was humbled–and, frankly, scared–to actually hold in my hands the evidence that proves that I am not so far entrenched in my own politics to see the light of the truth. The truth is that conservatives are waging a dirty war against me and us.

NOM and its donors are dividing America.  NOM is waging a culture war against women, contraception, abortion, gay rights, intellectuals, progressives, ethnic minorities, racial minorities, religious minorities and the like.  In the context of that culture war, however, NOM has been lying and will continue to lie to some of the people against whom it is actually waging its culture war.  More importanly, NOM is trying to buy them with dirty money in order to try to persuade them to be mouthpieces for its divisive, religious, homophobic politics.

African-Americans?  NOM sees you as a pawn in their game.  Latinas/Latinos? NOM sees you as a pawn in their game. Communities of faith? NOM sees you as a pawn in their game. Children of same-sex couples? NOM sees you as a pawn in their game. Hollywood? NOM sees you as a pawn in their game. Beauty queens? NOM sees you as a pawn in their game. Non-cognitive elites (whoever they are)?  NOM sees you as a pawn in their game.

So, I ask you: Are you a pawn in NOM’s game?

Today’s developments are a game changer because now everyone can see NOM for what it is.  I, along with the people whom I admire and respect, will use this information constantly to our advantage during the coming days, weeks, and months, as battles rage across this Nation for LGBT respect, equality, and protection of the law.  Thank you, Human Rights Campaign and Good As You, for your tireless efforts to stand on the right side of history; the side of history that respects humanity’s common bonds, hopes, and dreams; the side of history that raises people up instead of keeping them down; the side of history that will claim victory through equality for all people.




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Even I am shocked tonight by the lengths to which the National Org. for Marriage (“NOM”) will go to try to make it appear as if they have the support of various people, groups, and populations.  According to the tweets published by NOM and its fearless leader, Brian S. Brown (who seriously lacks in original thought) this fine evening, Europe has joined the “Dump Starbucks” campaign, a campaign which has been a dismal, complete fucking failure.  Here are the tweets posted by NOM just moments ago for your consideration:


All of Europe hates Starbucks, right?

If you aren’t asking, “What does the information behind the link say?,” then I need to kick you in the wedding tackle.  The link is to the NOM blog, a collection of lies so astounding as to defy earthly explanation.  Of course, I also snipped it, just so it could be preserved forever and ever and so I could include it in the book I am going to write when I retire called Fuck You, Asshole.

More lies from NOM

Did I miss something?

If you aren’t now asking yourself, “WTF? Nothing in that stupid, waste of blog space says a word about Europe jumping on NOM’s homophobic Dump Starbucks campaign,” then I am going to unleash tracker jackers (look it up) on your genitals instead.  Not one word of the quoted material indicates that Europe has jumped on board NOM’s idiotic, attention-whorish, failure of a boycott.  And please note for the record that they touched it up, and it STILL doesn’t say a word about Europe jumping on board.

Can I be honest?  I don’t speak a word of Italian.  I can’t decipher more than 10 words of the original article, which is in Italian.  But my hunch is that NOM and its ridiculous call for a boycott are, at best, the laughing stock of Europe.  At worst, Europe doesn’t really give a flying fuck.

For those of you who actually speak the language, will you please confirm my suspicion that this article is not either a call to arms or a report on how Europe has jumped aboard but is simply a matter-of-fact report of NOM’s ill-fated attempt to bring the biggest and most progressive coffee company to its knees?


NOM’s people are liars.  They continue to tell lies in order to try to prevent the LGBT community from realizing equality.  They will go to the ends of the earth and back to make sure we remain 2d class citizens.  Why?  Only one reason:  They hate me.  They hate my friends.  They hate your friends.  If you’re gay, they hate you.  THEY HATE US!  Now, what are you going to do to make sure that they gasp their last breath of collective air this election year?

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OMFG, my head is going to explode.  Tonight, NOM–the rabid, gay hating, “protectors” of marriage–has posted a story from an affiliate of Focus on the Family–the rabid, gay hating, “protectors” of families–entitled “Studies:  Children Raised by Lesbians Not Problem-Free.”  If you really want to read such bullshit, here is a link.  If you don’t want to read it, you’re in luck, because I’m going to expose NOM and FoF for the lying fucking distorters (is that a word?) they are.

First, there are only 4 small studies, some dating back more than 10 years ago, which in the gay rights movement was a completely and utterly different time and place.  Nevertheless, you are not going to believe what they found.  Sit your ass down in a chair or run the risk of being knocked off your feet with shock and mother fucking awe:

Overall, the research shows that 64 percent of children raised in lesbian households consider having homosexual relationships, compared to 17 percent raised by heterosexual parents.

HOLY SHIT, ladies and gentlemen, can you fucking imagine?  I mean, it shakes me to my roots to think that 64% of children who live in a lesbian household–a SAME-SEX household–where they are exposed to SAME-SEX relationships (and probably very healthy same-sex relationships) would even consider whether they might be gay and whether they themselves might end up in a same-sex relationship.  And I know that you are shocked to hear that only 17% of children raised in heterosexual homes, where they are only exposed to straight parents, had considered a gay relationship.

And by the way, the term “consider” is very important.  The study does not reveal that the children actually ended up in a gay relationship or even experimented.  They had simply “considered” it.

OF COURSE THEY CONSIDERED IT, YOU DICKS!  I grew up with straight parents and not only did I consider being straight, but I actually was in a straight relationship for 10 years.  With the same woman.  No, I’m not shitting you, so STFU.  Imagine how many gay and lesbian children who were raised in a straight household actually “considered” having heterosexual relationships.  Let’s see.  99%?  99.9%? Wait.  Do you think it could have been 100%?  Nooooooooooo.  How could that be?  How could you possibly consider living the same life as the people who raised you for nearly 20 years of your pathetic life?

I’ll tell you.  We have all examined our own lives in relation to our surroundings and our circumstances and OTHER PEOPLE.  We do it all the time, throughout our lives.  Do not tell anyone, but once, a friend of mine in high school died his hair blue.  I know this is going to blow your mind out of your ass, but I considered dying my hair blue, TOO!  Also, my father chewed tobacco when I was growing up, and I not only considered it, but I actually farking tried it.  And I puked for 3 hours afterwards and decided it wasn’t for me.  And please promise to be extra secret about the fact that some friends of ours recently bought a house in Palm Springs, and I have been jonesing for one ever god damn since.  SHAME ON ME FOR WONDERING WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO STAND IN SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES FOR 10 MINUTES OR A LIFETIME.

Obviously, I’m going to hell.

Finally, in the other study that is of even marginal interest, children born into and raised by lesbian couples were studied .  The sample size?  84 couples.  I know what you are thinking:  The depth of the research is astonishing!  I know, right?  Oh, and the couples involved lived in 3 very gay cities: D.C., Boston, and San Francisco.  Do you know what they found in their unbelievably broad study?  Children who grow up in gay households come out in higher proportions than children who grow up in straight households.


Wait.  No?  You don’t think so?  You think there might be another explanation, one that doesn’t imply that lesbian parents are forcing their children into the “gay lifestyle” (whatever that is) against their will?  Do you think that perhaps children who are raised by open, loving, caring lesbian couples and who are not raised with exclusively hetero-normative values might actually feel comfortable about expressing who they are?  Do you think that children of lesbian couples might feel more comfortable answering the questions in the study about their own sexual orientation than children raised in heterosexual homes?  Jebus.  What is the world coming to when completely innocent explanations for these results are as plausible–if not more plausible–than the pile of horseshit that NOM is trying to make you stuff in your pie hole?

Before I leave you to ponder just how fucked up these crazy liars are, I want to leave you with one final thought.  This blog post was prompted by a tweet tonight from NOM, to wit:


RT @MarriageMentor Research disproves media’s claims about lesbian households not adversely impacting children

“Adversely.”  Words are important, and the use of the word “adversely” in this tweet is TERRIFYINGLY important.  Why?  Because NOM is LYING TO YOU about the results of the research.  Outright lying.  Nowhere in these studies do the research scientists say that children raised by lesbian households are “adversely” impacted.  Believe it or not, the information published by Focus on the God Damn Family does not contain the word “adverse.”

The only reason that NOM uses the word “adverse” is because NOM believes that there is something wrong with being gay.  That being gay is harmful, defective, undesirable.  That being gay makes you somehow less than your straight counterparts.  If that isn’t blatant homophobia, people, I honestly do not know what is.

Children of gay parents are not being forced, covertly or overtly, into being gay.  In fact, in my personal experience, children of gay parents are given the widest latitude to define who they are in all respects, in no small part because gay parents were often forced to be or pretend to be whom they simply were not when they were children.  Because they are given such wide latitude to come into their own, it should be of no surprise whatsoever that children raised in gay households will be more open about and accepting of their own sexual orientation, as opposed to children raised in straight households or–god forbid–NOM or FoF households, where children are shamed into the closet (or worse) for a lifetime.



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