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More Douches!

I am not fucking done tonight.

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. It is both a sad day and a day filled with hope for a future without the virus. It is also an opportunity for the truly Holier-Than-Thou set to act like giant assholes. I captured the following tweet today, which even shocked me (and that is really hard to do):

Gays punishment = Death

Gay punishment = Death

Do you want to know what he was talking about? This picture and the accompanying story:

(c) Therese Frare

(c) Therese Frare

The suffering of sin, Matt Barber? A metaphor for God’s love of “gays?” So, because David Kirby was gay, God made him not just suffer, but die? Fuck you and fuck your God. AIDS is not God’s punishment for the “sin” of being “gay.” If that is the case, Matt, then what the fuck did this poor child do to deserve to die from AIDS?

Saddest Picture on Fucking Earth

Saddest Picture on Fucking Earth

And with that, I am fully in tears. How can anyone be so brash, so arrogant to say that human suffering like this is just desserts? How can anyone be so disassociated from their own human-ness to look at these poor souls and not literally collapse under the weight of sorrow and helplessness and empathy? How can anyone believe in a god that would heap such misery on any soul?

I don’t know how these religious zealots become the evil people that they are. I reject them. I reject their religion. I reject their gods. So should you.


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