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Food Labeling

Let’s assume that the premise of this piece of shit editorial is true: The U.S. has become a nanny state. So much so, that when I go out and pick vegetables from my garden, I am going to have to slap a god damn food label on it so that I know what I am eating (which, by the way, IS NOT FUCKING TRUE).

Well, today, one of my 7 worthless Tea Party Conservative Facebook followers posted a rant about how ObamaCare is going to force a label on every, single thing you can stick in your mouth, including, ostensibly, my pecker. And because I am sick and fucking tired of stupid, ill-informed, ignorant opinion from people who know not of what they speak (is that the Department of Redundancy Department?) and because I am crabby at the world for a variety of COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY REASONABLE REASONS, obviously, I just couldn’t keep myself from responding in a bitchy and “destined to be unfriended” way:


Fat Hogs Unite!

I mean, shut the fuck up. Food labeling has been required for years, not that it matters to gluttonous Americans who wouldn’t know health if it kicked them in the box.

Here’s the deal, fuckwits: The U.S. and America are going to pay one way or another. Either we try to help you make good choices by labeling food appropriately, or we pay the costs of your fat ass having a fucking heart attack and dying and leaving your family without enough money to feed and shelter themselves. Right? One way or another, we pay. Increased insurance premiums, welfare, death benefits … someone has to pay. So instead of letting people haphazardly foist their bad health on the rest of us, why don’t we help them make good choices? Oh, wait. That’s too progressive of an attitude. We should simply let people fend for themselves, in a world where corporations are willing to feed you literally anything that you’ll be stupid and ill-informed enough to stuff in your cake hole.

Congratulations on your bad health.




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BREAKING NEWS: Dominican Hookers

Tonight, the Daily Caller, a … well, um … a conservative National Enquirer of sorts, I guess, created by the likes of Tucker Fucking Carlson, has BREAKING NEWS that you just have to read because it changes ever…………….

Um, wait.

It changes absolutely nothing, but that is not what Fucker Carlson wants you to believe. And he is a fucker, just like the Daily Caller is a rag.

So here is the summary:

Two hookers in the Dominican Republic get stiffed (pun intended) by a short, chubby, white guy from the U.S. named Bob. They.Are.Fucking.Pissed. They have never seen the man who short-changed them (again, pun intended), so as hookers the world over are known to do (what?), they spend every waking hour searching the Internets for days trying to find 1 pasty white, flabby dude from America (or maybe Canada) out of 200 million. Having trouble locating him, they turn to Tucker Carlson, a known Republican operative/mouthpiece, to help them. Suddenly, among all of the short, chubby, white AmeriCanadians that hire hookers in the DR, they realize that the man was not a loose Canadian. IT WAS MOTHER FUCKING SENATOR BOB MENENDEZ (D-NJ), PIMPS AND HOES! And all this happens …


6 days before the election, and on the same day that President Obama toured New Jersey after Hurricane SuperBitch Sandy washed Snookie and her dirty lady parts out to sea. In fact, there are pictures of Obama and Sen. Menendez together. Today. Coinkydinky?

I don’t fucking think so.

Not that I give a baseball bat-sized shit anyway. Senator Menendez is a human being who, like me, needs to get laid. Because he, as a biological being, is supposed to like and want to FUCK! There, I said it. It’s in our genes. People want to screw, and not just because they’ve seen others fake hump on television and it looks glamorous. Instead, we all want to make the naughty with other people because we’re genetically programmed, like all other species on the god damn planet, to want to procreate.

Yes, even the gays are programmed to procreate. They just have really shitty BIOLOGICAL judgment when it comes to choosing a mate. But it comes from the same place in all animals, which, from what I can tell, is right around our extra-sensitive fun parts.


Let’s assume that the hookers who went on the exhaustive search of the entire Internet to find the manbeast who fucked them over (pun intended) are 100% accurate. Fine. Here is something else you should know about the Senator: He’s single. Oh, and get this completely relevant little detail: Prostitution is exceptionally LEGAL in the DR. Legal.

So, a non-married human being with the biological need to mate and a penis up for the challenge goes to a country where prostitution is legal and [under]pays hookers for sex. Jesus Christ, will someone please call someone who fucking cares? It ain’t me, and it shouldn’t be you. If you pry into people’s private lives or you pimp out whores like the Daily Caller to pry on your behalf, then you deserve the horror that you reap upon yourself. You cunt.

This story is not newsworthy. Whether true or false, it is an attempt to not only discredit Sen. Menendez for exercising his biological needs legally, but it is an attempt to discredit Democrats and, in particular, our President, who has nothing to do with it. The Republican lie machine will stop at nothing to destroy him. And me. And you. And this country.

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You are not going to believe this post. I still can’t, AND IT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!

No, I’m not fucking kidding, thank you. very. fucking. much.

I have been registered in this state as a voter since 2000.  Twelve years. I vote every single time I can, and with ballots-by-mail, I vote early. The right to vote is one of the most prized-possessions I own. So, do not fuck with me or it. But first, let me lay the background for this post tonight:

  • I have voted in every election since I turned 18, which is exactly [many, many] years.
  • I have never, ever been denied the right to vote or denied a ballot.
  • I have been a registered voter in Washington state since 2000, and I have never had my registration questioned.
  • I have not been convicted of a felony.
  • I am a U.S. citizen, and my citizenship is not now nor has it ever been questioned by anyone, anywhere, ever.
  • I am at least 18 years old times 2+.
  • I have never been disqualified from voting by a court order.
  • I am currently a resident of Washington and, in fact, have lived at the very same address for 8 years and have previously received my ballots and my Voter’s Guide at this address.
  • I have not changed my name.
  • I have not changed my signature.

Today, I received a postcard from the Washington Secretary of State’s office.  It said, “You may be eligible to vote, but don’t appear to be registered.”  Proof?  Ok:


Oh. Fucking. Really?

1,000 percent true. And guess what? The Secretary of State’s office had my name and my address exactly correct, which is how the mother fucking postcard arrived at my doorstep. Doesn’t this seem curious? I mean, if I’m not registered or I don’t appear registered in the SOS’s office, then how does my vote count?

IT DOESN’T.  Ladies and Gentlemen, that is called disenfranchisement.

Not happy to leave my ability to exercise the most important civic responsibility any of us owe to a website, I called SOS Sam Reed’s office. I talked to a nice woman and expressed my exceptional disappointment and concern. Do you know what I found out? Somehow, their records of my birth month were inaccurate by 2 months. Not my birth year and not my birth day. Just the month. And she indicated it had been wrong for the full 12 years that I have been a Washington registered voter. Now, how is that possible and why has this not been brought to my attention as a gay rights activist until 7 weeks before one of the most important elections in my lifetime?

I inquired further.

Me: “I have had the same, exact birthday for the past [many, many] years. I have never been denied the right to vote–at least to my knowledge. You have sent me Voter’s Guides and I have received ballots and I have voted until it hurts over the past 12+ years.”

Her: “Well, we have cross-referenced our records with other local and state gov’t records, and when we find a discrepancy, we notify the voter.”

Me: “Yes, but you also disenfranchise us and no longer show us as registered voters.”

Her:  “Well, um . . . ”

Me:  “FIX IT!” upon which I gave her the correct information.

The reason? Apparently the SOS’s office has been comparing its records with other Washington state and local government records. Where inconsistencies are identified, no matter the cause or reason, voter registration is called into question.

But get this: I posted this little histoire d’emmerdement on my Facebook page, and nearly 2% of my friends responded that they had received the exact same postcard. In one case, it was a birth date issue. In another, it was an address issue, even though the person had received previous ballots in her name at the exact address they had on record and to which they sent the god damn post card.  In another case, it was the spelling of the voter’s name (an omitted “e” in a name that would have been pronounced the same way regardless of the “e.” See, e.g., Michelle vs. Michele).

I do not know what is going on, but I am not only concerned but enormously suspicious. At best, the SOS’s office has chosen to assume voter fraud over voter registration, which is dangerous. There is very little actual voter fraud in this country, and to assume guilt instead of innocence in registration is against this country’s founding principles. At worst, records are being negligently or intentionally modified in a way that calls into question the registered status of eligible citizens.  Either way, I am one pissed off voter.

I want this shit to stop immediately. I am sending a link to this blog post to every media outlet I can think of, and you should, too. You know what else you should do? Check your registration. If you are a Washington registered voter, then go to http://www.myvote.wa.gov or call 1-800-448-4881. Don’t fuck around–you have  until October 8th to register or correct your registration online or by mail and until October 29th to register or correct in person.

I don’t give a damn what your political leanings are.  One of the things that makes our system of government function is the right for each qualified citizen to vote. Please do not sit by and let yourselves be disenfranchised. If you need advice on how to vote, however, I am happy to give that advice, too: APPROVE Ref. 74!! (among other progressive ideals and candidates).

Please, please, please, from the bottom of my heart and from the single thread of bi-partisanship I can muster: Do not let yourself become inadvertently disenfranchised. Please. This is a danger to our democracy now and forever. Do what you can to spread the word and to make sure this doesn’t happen to other Washingtonians.



Posty-Scripty!  I am not the only person disenfranchised in Washington, and yet this story appears to have gone nowhere in the MSM.

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How many of you have heard of this thing:  Michelle Malkin? God damn. Even the name sends shivers up and down my spine. Blech. I feel about her the way I do spiders: creepy, too many eyes, too many legs, poisonous, too many webs of lies in which to trap you.  (N.B. I do not actually know how many legs Michelle Malkin has.)

Do not be trapped!  If you are a “too long, didn’t read” on her bio then fine, lazy-pants, I’ll fill you in. But do not, under any circumstances, become too lazy to read this post, because you will not believe it.

  • She has 345,000 followers (OMG HOLY SHIT JESUS CHRIST) on Twitter.
  • She is a 40-something
  • She is Filipina
  • She is a 1st generation American, her parents having immigrated to this United States on an employer-sponsored visa shortly before her birth (and for which I give them a huge shout-out and a hearty welcome to the Land of Opportunity)
  • She is Roman Catholic
  • She graduated from Oberlin with a degree in English and was an outspoken student critic of the College’s affirmative action program and has, since her graduation, described it as “radically left-wing.”
  • She started her career as a journalist in 1992.
  • She is now a frequent commentator on Fox News Channel and a regular guest host of The O’Reilly Factor (OMG, even spelling that out made me feel like I might barf in my mouth. Saliva. Too. Much. Fucking. Saliva. )
  • She accused John Kerry of inflicting his own battle wounds on MSNBC once (no shit).
  • She runs some dump of a website under her own name and also the name Twitchy, which automatically makes me think of a crystal meth addict, but I’m sure I’m making a false association.  I am, right?  (N.B.  I am not providing links because I am not going to drive traffic to her sites. It’s my gift to you.)
  • She might live in OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS IN PURPLE VELVET PANTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS JESUS.  I think she lives in Seattle.  And by that, I don’t mean I really think she lives in Seattle as much as she lives in some city near Seattle where the people are crazy.

Tonight was the night that my President, Barack Obama, accepted his and my party’s nomination for President.  He delivered an amazing speech about raising people up, not getting a leg up on people like the Republican nominee. Have I made clear that Michelle Malkin is “not-my-fucking-people,” as I like to say. Which is sad and confusing, because she does not represent the Filipinos I know and love, including one of my BESTIE-BESTS.  I don’t know what has caused her to reject the proud heritage and history of Filipino people, a heritage and history of family unity, acceptance, integrity, warmth, hospitality, loyalty, inclusiveness, equality, understanding, empathy, sympathy, and other progressive ideals. But, sister has THROWN them to the curb, like a john throws a 72 year old hooker.  She hates progressive ideals more than I hate rich, entitled, conservative, male baby-boomers who want to trans-vaginally ultrasound every woman with a vagina, including Michelle Malkin, and even some men. (THAT, sir, is not a vagina.)

During Obama’s comments on entrepreneurship and building businesses, Malkin had this to tweet:

Michelle Malkin

WTF are BuckyBalls? Keep reading.

I know what you are BEGGING TO KNOW!  What the fuck is she talking about? As far as I can tell, she blames Obama for putting Gibson Guitars, medical device makers, drillers, and BuckyBalls out of business. Of course, she forgets–and by forgets, I mean ignores–that the Great Recession began under and as a result of George W. Bush’s reign of terror in Aug. 2008. She, however, like McVeepy Paul Ryan are light on facts, full of lies. Or maybe they’re just not too smart.

Both. Clearly both.

Boil her tweet down, HorseKnuckle, you fucking hottie. Ok. Fine:

  1. Gibson Guitars:  OMFG.  Apparently, Gibson Guitars isn’t even out of business. It makes $500 million a year. On guitars. Instead, the actual problem is that Gibson Guitars has been under criminal investigation for violating the Lacey Act, because it has “allegedly” been importing rare and protected wood from India and Madagascar to build its guitars, which is a violation of their laws and ours.  Our government agencies seized guitars made from such wood during raids of Gibson’s manufacturing facilities.  Oh, and Gibson has now settled with the U.S. over these accusations for a monetary equivalent of roughly $600,000, apparently preferring not to take the U.S. to the mat in court.  interestink.  But hardly a business shut-down, Michelle Malkin, SINCE IT REPRESENTS POINT 1 PERCENT (0.1%) OF THE COMPANY’S ANNUAL INCOME. So, shut the fuck up.
  2. The elusive “medical device maker”:  Here we go. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times: When Republicans don’t have facts, they speak in generalities to scare people. If unnamed medical device makers have been forced out of business, I am sure it is because of defective products (see no. 4, below) or failing to comply with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement procedures (I was, at one time in my miserable career, a health care attorney, and I am on to these device-making mother fuckers–“Get your 3-wheel scooter for free; get your catheter equipment for free; get your diabetic supplies for better than free because we’ll give you cash back from your insurance coverage.” Ring a BELL Malkin?)
  3. Driller: Again, generalities without facts. Do you think she’s talking about oil drilling companies? Oil companies that have polluted the entire Gulf of Mexico like BP (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then get the fuck away from me). Or oil companies that have polluted the water table by pumping salt water into the earth to extract more oil from depleted resources, thereby polluting the ground water for human, animal, and even plant-life? (P.S. I also worked on a case in my early career related to this issue.)  If they are out of business, then slap my ass and call me sally. They aren’t. They are making money hand-over-fist while they spit in our faces, make extraordinary profits off of our oil dependence, and KILL THE FUCKING PLANET! Wake up. Shut up. PAY ATTENTION. They should be regulated to within 1 inch of their worthless, planet-killing lives.
  4. Bucky-Fucking-Balls:  Are you sitting down, by chance? Do you know what are these BuckyBalls? Just SEARCH IT! But, wait, lazy-pants. I’ll tell you. They make highly magnetized itsy-bitsy toys that can be swallowed by children. Once swallowed, the magnets attract each other and TEAR THE FUCKING INTESTINES OF CHILDREN APART GOD DAMMIT. Added bonus: Adults, too!! Yay! Did you hear me?  And they have been distributed not just in America–they are a threat to human life (children’s lives, in particular) around the globe. But, blame Obama for regulating them and taking enforcement action against them for continuing to sell a highly dangerous product, with full knowledge, to the entire world full of children. If I were Obama, that is blame I would gladly, joyously accept.

Michelle Malkin, who is so pro-life that she has a blog post entitled “The Right Pro-Life Ladies” (I broke my link rule to show you just what a hypocrite this woman is) now has the testicles to complain that the Obama administration has filed an enforcement proceeding against a company that kills living, breathing children. I seriously cannot even wrap my head around her bullshit. It makes no sense.

If you want to look into the face of evil, look at the Republican party and its mouthpieces, particularly those who are capable of understanding their position in the world as racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual, etc. minorities but choose to fucking ignore it.

I know, too god damn long. But someone needs to speak up!

[Confidential to Ms. Malkin: I am watching you. You speak too many inaccuracies for them to be accidental or the product of ignorance. I don’t know what your motivations are or who is paying you to spread lies (Fox News? Just a guess), but I am watching your mouth. So is your God. She told me.]

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Bill Clinton Fact Checker

The fact checkers have been in full force, which I applaud.  I really do. Especially when they actually can find verifiable lies told by our politicians.

They are scrambling . . . I MEAN SCRAMBLING . . . to come up with something from Bill Clinton’s speech last night. And it was a long speech. Very long.  Take this AP article this morning.  It checks exactly four (4!) “facts,” which I would actually call “points” more than facts, to wit:

  1. Clinton said that Republicans don’t compromise.  The article takes exception to this and states that President Obama has not always been willing to compromise on everything.  To support its claim, it then throws Republicans under the bus on the budget deal (“Boehner couldn’t sell the plan to tea party factions . . . or other conservative activists”), and then points out that Obama did not take the advice of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, a Commission that wouldn’t even endorse its own report on major fiscal problems.  So, really, Republicans and conservative activists won’t compromise, and Obama won’t take the advice of a Commission that won’t even take its own advice.  Got it.  Huh?  WTF?
  2. Clinton said that ObamaCare is helping to keep health care costs in check and observed that health care spending has grown under 4 percent in the past 2 years. The article does not challenge the “fact” that health care spending has barely increased. Instead, the article says it could be attributable instead to a slow economy and says that people have seen “little relief” from rising health insurance premiums in the workplace.  In fact, the article quotes difference in premiums between 2009 and today (which is actually 3 years of data). Guess what? Premiums for families have increased only 8.8% in 3 years, and the share paid by employees themselves has only increased 8.5% in 3 years. So, health insurance premiums are actually rising slower than the historically slow growth in spending.  That sounds good to me, and certainly doesn’t call into question Clinton’s comments.  Not, at least, in my mind.
  3. Clinton compared economic growth during his own Presidency to the trajectory of growth during Obama’s, implying that it takes time before the economy will “roar,” like it did in the 1990s.  No one can argue that this country experienced EXCEPTIONAL economic growth in the late 1990s when Clinton was President.  The article then says that by March, 2001, months after Clinton left the White House, “the economy toppled into recession.”  So, we’ve been in a recession for 11 years? This article needs to be fact-checked more than Bill Clinton.  The “Great Recession” didn’t start until roughly August, 2008, near the end of Bush’s term in office, not Clinton’s.  Not to be outdone by that stretch of truth, the article also blames Bill Clinton for the 2008 “financial meltdown,” because he supported the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act.  Ugh. I mean even if repeal of Glass-Steagall resulted in a financial meltdown nearly a decade later, it actually took a huge team of political leaders and an act of Congress to repeal the law.  Bill Clinton is not to blame any more than Obama is to blame for Congress’ inability to compromise (see no. 1, above).
  4. Clinton pointed out that Romney/Ryan’s pollster said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”  The article does not disagree that the Romney/Ryan campaign said that.  It’s a well-documented fact.  But then, suddenly, the article takes us back in time to the Monica Lewinsky scandal to make the point that Clinton was not always truthful about his personal life while in office.  Methinks the other reason to include this “fact check”–or whatever–is because the author could find only 3 places in Clinton’s entire speech where perhaps a point needed further clarification.  Methinks the author couldn’t actually find any true facts that needed to be checked at all and decided to throw Clinton under the bus in general as a life-long liar himself in a desperate attempt to come up with something–anything–that made Clinton look untrustworthy.  That is fucking bullshit, as is the entire article.

A note to the AP and the author:  When you fact-check a speech, you check for lies, not differences in opinion between political leaders or experts.  You say, “Clinton said health care spending has risen less than 4% each of the past 2 years,” and then you verify whether it is true.  In this case, BINGO!  True. Or, you look for statements from Paul Ryan like “Obama failed to keep a Wisconsin GM plant open,” and then you verify the exact date of closure and discover it closed before Obama took office. In that case, NOT BINGO!  False.  A lie.

Now, who is going to fact-check the fact-checkers?  I don’t have time to do this all day.

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A new opinion/lie piece out recently by some right-wingnut named Frances Kelly once again says that legalizing same-sex marriage makes marriage anti-gender. I will remind you that, after I marry my partner, I have every intention of keeping my genitals. Our marriage will be FILLED with gender. It will be male, but it will definitely be gendered.  And I have lesbian friends and straight friends who have announced their pending nuptials, and I have begged them not to have their genitals surgically removed or their gender erased in preparation for marriage.

Happily, they have agreed.

The lovely (?) Ms. Kelly, however, goes one step further than scaring the world into believing that all people who wish to marry will have to have their fun-parts removed.  She has also come up with this doozie:

[A]llowing unigender couples to marry means that two women can marry each other, eliminating men from the family. Again, this is gender segregation and gender discrimination.

Apparently, Ms. Kelly forgot to put on her thinking cap before penning her lie-infested piece of propaganda.  Gender discrimination occurs when you treat people differently under the law because of their gender.  For example, when the law says that two men cannot marry each other because they are both men, you are discriminating against them because of their gender (or at least one of their genders).  More importantly, same-sex marriage laws do not, in any way, shape or form, restrict or limit the ability of opposite-sex couples to marry each other.  Stated a slightly different way, allowing two men to marry each other will do nothing to discriminate against opposite-gender people BECAUSE THEY CAN STILL FUCKING MARRY EACH OTHER if they want to, just like always.

Believe it or not, even though I think she is off her rocker, I actually agree with the first sentence of her piece (and wish someone had taken her keyboard away so she couldn’t write the rest of her dim-bulbed article):

If we redefine marriage to include same-gender couples, we’re saying there is no important difference between the partnership of two men, and the union of one man and one woman.

True, and that is exactly how it should be.  Under the law, there should be no important difference between the rights of two married men, two married women, or a married man and woman.  The rest of her article is about child rearing, because “SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!”  As a legal matter, however, opposite-sex married couples have rights regardless of their intent to have children or their ability to have children or even their competence as parents.  So, pro-creation is irrelevant to the analysis.

Oh, and for the record, same-sex marriage laws do nothing to prevent non-gay couples from breeding.  On a related note, the lack of marriage equality does nothing to keep people like me–BIG FUCKING FAGGOTS and our women friends–from having babies.  Trust me on this (and read my very next post on this issue).  So, the whole “child-rearing” game that the religious zealots are trying to play is truly zero-sum.

Same-sex marriage:

  • It ain’t genderless.
  • It isn’t anti-gender.
  • It doesn’t render women or men “disposable.”
  • It is not going to require the deletion of gender pronouns from the English language (I, for example, am 100% man, love my man-hood, am proud to be a man, and would like to continue to be referred to as “he”)

In fact, I think I’m going to stand naked in the mirror right now and stare my gender right in the fucking face.

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The fight over LGBT rights and marriage equality that is bubbling and steaming all over the country is more than a fight just for equality.  It’s a battle to win hearts and minds and to change people’s perceptions of who we are, perceptions that are frighteningly crazy and dangerous.  We are having to wage the battle at the highest levels of leadership in this country because those leaders are creating a culture of violence–figurative and literal–against LGBT people by continuing to try to marginalize us with constitutional amendments, baby-DOMAs, and refusal to extend legal protections that are provided to non-gay citizens.

Take, for example, the fight for marriage equality in Minnesota.  The Minnesota Legislature will allow the citizens of Minnesota to vote on a constitutional amendment that would prohibit their fellow gay and lesbian citizens from ever having marriage equality.  Yes.  Minnesota is going to put the rights of a minority up for popular vote, and this vote isn’t about some ordinance or a rule or even a statute.  This vote may allow Minnesotans to enshrine discrimination into the state’s constitution.  North Carolina is doing the same thing.  And, we’ll have referenda here in Washington and Maryland to try to repeal our new marriage laws.

But even if the amendment fails to pass, damage continues to be done to the LGBT community because of the message that is sent by lawmakers and the crazy fools (literally) who continue to fund the campaign against equality.  They all swear they have no animus toward gay and lesbian people, and, on an individual basis, that may be true (although I doubt it).  When done collectively, however, and through the vehicle of public institutions like the Legislature or the judiciary or city councils or school boards or et cetera, animus is the result.  The public policy message that continues to be sent by elected officials and PACs who oppose LGBT rights is that we are second-class citizens, undeserving of the full protection of the law.  And that message is being heard, loud and clear, by each and every citizen in this country.

We continue to be marginalized, and politicians are willing to throw other people under the bus with us in order to keep LGBT people from being protected or from fully enjoying rights bestowed on non-gay people.  Take the federal Violence Against Women Act, which has been re-authorized 3 times before without controversy.  This year, the bill was amended to provide protections for the LGBT community, and now, Republicans refuse to pass it.  So, not only do LGBT people have no protection, but women have no protection because the Act expired last year.

The citizenry picks up on these subtle (and not-so-subtle) clues.  No one really believes that lawmakers and groups like the National Organization for Marriage are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.  No one really believes that lawmakers are trying to protect children by refusing to allow gay couples to marry.  No one truly believes that adding LGBT to anti-violence legislation gives us special rights that other people don’t have.  Everyone sees these efforts for what they are:  a culture war in which failure to conform is punished by the denial of rights and protections.

When the culture war leaves the confines of our public institutions–where violence against LGBT people is done with lawmaking and speeches and smiles and nods and agreements to disagree–it spills into the streets, where the message is delivered with actual violence.  From bullying, to firings, denial of access to services, assaults, and even murder.

So, when our leaders say they have “nothing personal” against LGBT people, we need to call bullshit.  Anytime they treat us as second-class citizens or single us out for different treatment than other citizens get, it is personal.  When the policy of our government institutions is disparate treatment, the message to the entire country is unmistakable: LGBT people are different and should be treated differently.  That is why public policy matters.



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