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Resistance is futile.  Even the most jaded and cynical among us (and by that I am referring to me) simply cannot argue that Green Lake is one of the finest parks in Seattle, in Washington, in the country, and in the world.  I realize that I am in the middle of penning the glorious Green Lake User’s Guide (and by that, I mean I’m procrastinating in the worst way), which some might see as the Green Lake Hater’s Guide.  But, the devil is in the details, people, so pay attention: The GLUG is not a criticism of Green Lake.  It is a scathing commentary on the jackasses who are drawn to it. 

You know who you are.

What you do not know, however, is that huge, Fortune 500 companies also love Green Lake.  Do you know why you don’t know?  Because my favorite neighborhood bloggers have totally and completely dropped the ball on this.  Plus, there are probably some self-imposed rules about giving certain Fortune 500 companies air-time on the blog–unless certain Fortune 500 companies would do us all the kind favor of writing my favorite neighborhood blog a GIGANTIC check (hint hint).  [Confidential to my favorite neighborhood blog, which shall remain anonymous:  If I could kiss your blog on the mouth, I would.  Hard.]

I digress.  Per usual.

One of the new commercials for the Droid thingy features our little Green Lake.  No, I’m serious.  Do me a favor:  watch this video with your pointer poised anxiously on the pause button.  When you get to 14 seconds, PAUSE IT FAST!  And then weep.  Openly.  Unabashedly.  Histrionically. 

[N.B.; I would have embedded the video, but those YouTube freaks are making it increasingly difficult to actually accomplish that goal.  Or I am retarded.  Whatever.]

One more thing:  if you look really closely at the north side of the Lake, you will see two fertility-clinic moms (which I applaud) pushing two–COUNT THEM TWO–triple-wide strollers full of screaming babies, side-by-side across the path (which I loathe).  Oh, and near Woodland Park, you will see a guy walking his dog on a 67 foot leash.  And slap my ass and call me Sally, what is that on the east side?  It is a fat guy on a Huffy mountain bike riding at top speed and screaming at any pedestrian who dares step into the “bicycle” path!

Wait.  If that freaking commercial brings more of these people to Green Lake, I am going to be pissed.  Nevermind.  Don’t watch.  DON’T WATCH!

Post Script:  I should have known better.  Really, I should have.  Of course my favorite neighborhood blog covered this!  Complete with embedded video.  This is why I should leave the blogging to the bloggers.


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Go Neighblogs!

I have a RAVE!  No, really.

Neighborhood blogs are changing the world these days.  If you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with a blog all its own, then you probably know what I’m talking about.  Most of the time, these neighblogs aren’t on the cutting edge of local news, they are on the BLEEDING edge of local news.  And it is news that is vastly important to the people who live in the ‘hood they serve.


Because they are able to report on issues, news, events, and even crime happening right outside your door.  They help to build a sense of community (yes, even via the anonymous Internet).  They provide incredibly meaningful opportunities for small businesses to advertise to the customers who matter most:  their neighbors.  They even provide a local perspective on issues bigger than the ‘hood, from city, state, or national politics to sustainability and environmental issues to public health and safety and so much more.

Most importantly, my favorite neighblogs love me back!  Some of them even quote me at length.  So, for examples of GREAT neighblogs, don’t just look at MyGreenLake.com and Wallyhood, engage them, comment (politely and succinctly), advertise with them, give them tips, support them!  They’re already supporting you back . . . .

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