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Yesterday, the Governor of California signed into law an act that will ban ex-gay therapy in California. For those of you who do not know, ex-gay therapy is a type of therapy that tries to convince people that they are not gay, that being gay is a choice, that they can make another choice, and that God wants them to choose another path for their lives. It is the equivalent of snake-oil, which is why California banned it. If you search “ex-gay therapy” on the Internets, you will see that as a “therapy,” it has not only been discredited, but many of the people associated with it have either admitted it is bullshit or have been found in various and sundry places like gay bars trying to pick up on men because they are hypocritical douchebags (John Paulk, I’m looking at your douchey bags right now).

Not to be outdone by the California legislature or the Governor, three organizations that want ex-gay snake oil to be widely available in California have now promised to sue. They are: The Pacific Justice Institute (crazy), the Liberty Counsel (crazier), and the Nat’l Assoc. for “Research” and “Therapy” of Homosexuality (NARTH) (MOTHER FUCKING CRAZIEST).  Did I mention they are batshit crazy people that insist ex-gay therapies are based on science and medicine?

Speaking of science, let’s take a look at what actual, real-live scientists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, and other learned professionals have to say about ex-gay “therapy”:

Nationally, the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Counseling Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the American Academy of Physician Assistants have all condemned the use of so-called “ex-gay,” “conversion,” or “reparative” therapy, and there is no scientific study that proves it actually is effective.

Religious Right Vows 1st Amendment Suits Over Law Banning Ex-Gay Therapy for Kids.  Ex-gay therapies have been completely debunked. More importantly, they have been found to be exceptionally harmful for those children who have been forced to participate. For example, the California law was enacted in part to honor the life and memory of Kirk Murphy, who was subjected to “sissy boy” treatments as a child in the 1970s and who, at 38 years of age, killed himself after living a life that his family described as “broken.”

As a side note, do you know who administered the “sissy boy” therapy treatments to Kirk?  George Fucking Rekers. Does that name sound familiar? If so, it is probably because of this:


Caught with his Hands Nearly on a Cock

[Photo Credit: http://www.blogography.com/archives/2010/05/bullet_sunday_1_93.html]

Yep. Years after breaking poor, innocent children’s spirits and minds, that fucking horrible, ugly man was caught returning from a vacation with a rent-boy, reeking of musky-man-scent and guilt and covered in XY chromosomes. Cunty has, for the most part, denied that he is gay or that he knowingly hired a rent-boy, but he has indicated that he sought “guidance” from his church (of fucking course) so that he could “understand his weaknesses and avoid unwise decision-making in the future.”

Dear Sad Little Man: Liking cock and acting on it is not a weakness or an unwise decision. Trust me on this–I have been known to act on it. Often. On the other hand, spending your entire life denying that you like cock and secretly and covertly acting on it while trying to “cure” others of the same gayness that is part of your very fiber is the kind of shit that gets you religious people a first-class, all-expense paid trip to the FIERY BOWLS OF PURGATORY where Satan will dangle the most beautiful man-parts imaginable in front of you like carrots on the end of a stick and make you watch the hottest porn but will refuse to allow you to touch yourself or others.  In fact, I heard he steals your boner away when you first arrive. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!***

The organizations who are suing are direct extensions of the harm that George Rekers caused (in fact, at the time Rekers hired blond, 20-something cock to carry his baggage, he was a NARTH advisor). These religious nutsacks are so hell-bent on forcing their world view on you and me and everyone else that they are going to march into court and argue that they have a Constitutional right–a First Amendment Constitutional right–to harm children and that the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence and learning about ex-gay therapy should be ignored because gay people are an abomination and god hates us and we should have the god damn gay beat right out of us.

Can you believe the fucking arrogance of these people? They are going to look the horse of scientific evidence in the mouth and give the middle finger to learned professionals and academics by suing on 1st Amendment grounds so that they can continue to heap injury and confusion on innocents. All in the name of their own personal hang-ups and religious beliefs. I hope the court names the case In re: Religious Fundamentalism v. Every-fucking-body Else, Science, Medicine, Common Sense, et al.

So, I ask you, fairest reader:  When and how are we going to put an end to it?

***Point of Clarification: I don’t believe in hell, but George Rekers and his ilk do, and they are terrified of it. Plus, they have used the threat of an eternity spent in hell to try to coax innocents into behavior that is counter to their own fundamental beings. Turn-about is fair play, bitches.


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I don’t want to get preachy, but I am not the only person who is devastated and frightened by all of the teenage suicides of late.  September has been a terrible, terrible month.  My only explanation is that kids have recently returned to school, thereby immersing them in a sea of intolerance, hatred, and bullying. 

Oh yeah, I forgot one other explanation for the shocking increase in teenage suicides:  gays and lesbians are still treated as second class citizens, and in far too many towns, cities, counties, and states, homophobia is the norm, not the exception. 

Don’t believe me?  Then believe Ellen Degeneres along with a host of other credible voices on the issue.

Kids are dying.  Families are being ruined.  If you do not agree that a gay child is better than a dead child, then you are a sociopath.  Plain and simple.

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Another very bright light has extinguished himself.  A brilliant violinist.  A good student.  A gay teenager who had not come out. 

Why did he kill himself?  Great question.  Because his douchebag roommate and another student at Rutgers secretly taped him having sex with another boy and POSTED IT ON THE GOD DAMN INTERNET!

Happily, they are being prosecuted.

Unhappily, Tyler Clementi’s family is heartbroken.  I do not know if they knew that Tyler was gay, but I do know this:  They would so much rather have a gay Tyler than a dead Tyler. 

And that is almost always the sad, sad reality.

Again, if you are a gay teenager who thinks that suicide is an option or who is considering suicide because of shame or fear of who you are or who your family or your friends or society thinks you should be, please seek help.  Suicide is never, ever the answer, and it never solves the problem; it just passes it on to others.

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