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In today’s edition of “Shut Your Pie Hole,” I give you Star Parker. You don’t read anything longer than a paragraph, so here are the fine points:

  • She is a strict constructionist, which means that she, like Justice “Crazypants” Scalia, believes the Constitution should be read only in the historical context in which it was written. What I am trying to say is that these nutjobs think that the Constitution can only be applied to modern legal issues as if it is still the late-mother fucking 1700s. 
  • She believes that being gay and wanting full equality is “an impulse of the moment.”
  • She says that marriage and family are the pillars of healthy society through which “time-tested truths and values” (!) are transmitted and that society has lost its way because the electorate is permitted to vote on gay marriage and has voted incorrectly of late.
  • She concludes by calling LGBT people deviants.

In short, she’s a fucking gem. But it gets worse once you truly understand this woman. So, let me boil her down for you:

  • Star Parker isn’t her real name. Her name is actually Larstella Irby.
  • Despite her new name, she doesn’t appear to be a hooker.
  • She is African American.
  • She was arrested for shoplifting and admits to robbing a liquor store and stealing a car to flea her crimes.
  • She spent her early adult years high on PCP and other drugs and lived on welfare. She now opposes welfare.
  • She says she has had four abortions. She now is morally opposed to abortion.
  • She found Jesus.
  • She was a radio show host but was “laid off” when Disney bought the station, which really means that they fired her because she clearly isn’t Disney material, now is she?
  • She has formed some organization called CURE that tells black people that they should focus on personal freedom and personal responsibility as solutions to their problems and that racism only exists in their minds. Clearly, the name of the organization is a misnomer.
  • And OMG, she was born in 1956 in Moses Lake, Washington. For those of you who know Moses Lake, perhaps that explains everything, right?

Now, I want to be perfectly clear. I don’t condemn her for any of the choices she has made except one: The choice to be such an unbelievable, pants-pissing, self-UNaware hypocrite.  I mean, are you fucking kidding me? You, Star Parker, are going to tell me, in 2012, that I am a deviant and that I am the scourge of American culture and society because I want equal rights? You, Star “I was part of the problem” Parker, have the balls to say that I have made a choice to be gay, a choice to deviate from social “standards,” a choice to diverge from true and false, and that I am carrying the handbasket that is going to deliver America into the bowels of hell?

You, lady, have literally no right and no standing to speak to any of us about the downfall of society. You gave up that right when you made choices to commit crimes, do drugs, have abortions, and in general contribute to the “crisis of the collapse of family and marriage” and society of which you complain–choices that you now insist had nothing to do with historical socio-economic disparities or racism. Had you lived a contrite life during which you judged no one for who they are or what they have done, I wouldn’t call you on your bullshit. But no. You have now decided that you are somehow morally superior to others and have given yourself license to determine right and wrong, good and evil, normal and deviant. That makes you a hypocrite. Shut up.



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Preserve Marriage Washington, the intolerant homophobes who led the effort to take away equality for gay and lesbian Washington couples, issued a written concession that was as full of shit as anything they have done or said this entire campaign. Seriously. It’s a big, flaming bag of dog crap left on our front porches to remind us that they are never, ever going to STFU. Let’s break it DOWN:

  • While we are disappointed, we are not defeated.” Um, yes you fucking are. When you lose, you are, by definition, defeated.
  • We will continue to educate citizens and policymakers on the timeless truth that real marriage is the union of one man and one woman.” Um, no it’s fucking not. When the people vote to approve marriage equality, then marriage is actually between two consenting adults, regardless of gender.
  • Polling showed that 80% of unchurched voters approved of Ref. 74.” Antitheism is the wave of the future, bitches.
  • We ran a strong campaign that we can be proud of–a campaign based on honesty and integrity.” Sure, if by honest and integrity you mean lies and distortions. What a proud legacy!
  • Our opponents … will try to portray this election as a turning point, but it’s not a turning point to win on your home turf.” Huh? WTF are you talking about? We handed you your first losses. That, bitches, is a turning point. And of course we won on our home turf–Washington voters aren’t allowed to vote on ballot measures in other states. Where the fuck were we going to win if not on our home turf? You make no sense.
  • Washingtonians know … that children need both a mother and a father.” Tell that to Washingtonians who head single-parent households, to the mothers of my children, and to all of the other Washingtonians who know children who are being raised by folks other than both their mother and father. You know what children need? Food, shelter, love and affection, a sense of belonging, esteem. A mother and father, while nice, are not requirements. See Maslow’s Hierarchy.

The people have spoken, and they have rejected your lies, your distortions, your divisiveness, your bullshit. This wave of equality will spread across this country, mark my words. I’ll be right here to make sure it happens.

Yay, gays. Love won.

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My head is foggy with exhaustion, and I admit that I am having some difficulty wrapping my head around the last 12 hours since the first election results started rolling in from Washington. I’m frantically flipping through the news channels, obsessively checking the Internets, compulsively scrolling through my text messages and my email, listening to my voice mail with a gaping mouth. But the truth is inescapable:

You. Are. WELCOME!

I have a message for the people, the organizations, the institutions that have historically, continuously, chronically done everything possible to deny my rights:  I know you aren’t done with your evil agenda, and even today, you refuse to learn last night’s lesson.  Neither the fuck am I, and I will continue to school you until you either learn or give up trying. Unlike you, however, I have the wind of change in my sails.

In America, we still have HUGE gaps in LGBT equality that must be closed. In 3/5ths of this country, we can be fired from our jobs. We do not have federal protections for our relationships, our jobs, our health, our safety. Even where laws exist to protect us, they are often not enforced. Cultural and societal stigma is still the norm. Hate-based violence of every magnitude continues to play part of our collective reality. Gay and trans youth continue to take their own lives.

We have a long way to go. But the journey took a new path last night. Our entire narrative changed. I have to re-write my own script–and by that I mean the one I use when I am the real me and not the script I use when mouthing off under my nom de plume, HorseKnuckle. When I do it, I can promise you that it will no longer ask for permission or make apologies or handle homophobes with kid-gloves in order to gain favor. I am done with niceties. I am through with loyal disagreement. I am finished with respectful dialogue with people whose brand of respect includes bigotry, intolerance, condescension, patronization, illogic, superiority, and lies.

I am done, and we have the political capital and popular support to move forward in a new, sweeping way. Congrats to all of us.

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A new opinion piece is out today in the Minnesota Star Tribune by, of all people in the world, an attorney. They article is entitled “Why Same-Sex Marriage Affects My Marriage,” although, after reading it 8.7 times, I can’t find the answer to the question. Most probably because the answer is, “Same-sex marriage doesn’t actually affect traditional marriage.”  Unless, of course, the author intends to leave his (her?) “traditional” marriage to marry a person of the same sex, I guess.

Honestly, I am really trying to break down the opinion into its component parts, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the argument against marriage equality is.  I guess the first argument against marriage equality is this old canard:

People [who have incorporated heterosexual relationships into their identity] have generally been trying to live up to the ideal that marriage was established millennia ago to promote the raising of children in safe environments supported by their biological parents.

Incorporated? How do you incorporate a heterosexual relationship into anything? Oh, wait. I get it. Let me decipher:  This means that the person who wrote the opinion believes that sexual orientation is a choice, to which I always reply: If you think it is a choice, then you obviously have questioned your own orientation. Otherwise, you would know it is not a choice at all. Even if it is, I have the right in this country to make that choice.

As to previous millennia, I cannot speak. I am an expert, however, on this millennium (as new as it is), and I can tell you with certainty that many straight couples in this country do not want to have anything to do with children. I can also tell you that many straight couples in this country have had children without actually being married. Many children are raised by single parents. Too many other children have been removed from the care of their biological parents, who were miserable, horrible, child-endangering freaks. And, I hope this won’t come as a huge shock to people, but lots of gay and lesbian people have children and are raising them beautifully, without any legal rights to protect their relationships or their families.

If you are, therefore, worried about the country deviating from the “traditional” definition of marriage as the only acceptable institution in which to raise children, I have news for you:

Too late

Marriage is not only about breeding!

Unless you are willing to legislate that all couples must have and raise children, the arguments that marriage should be reserved for people who want to “make the babies” or that its only purpose is to foster pro-creation or to raise children are arguments-already-lost.  In addition, the author concedes, in the very next paragraph, that in this country, the “ideal” of marriage promoting the raising of children in safe environments is, well, let’s use his (her?) words:

Sadly, we don’t always live up to this ideal, and most have experienced the trauma caused by a breaking family.

[Emphasis supplied.]  So, despite the fact that the citizens of this country are admittedly miserable at marriage and that most (and by that, I assume we are talking about a majority–as in more than half–which is supported by these statistics by my nemesis, Dr. Phil) marriages end badly, thereby leaving children in broken homes, the author still wants to deny his (her?) fellow citizens the same rights that straight people are abusing under the theory that same-sex marriage is going to somehow damage “traditional” marriages?

Really? I mean, is it possible that more damage could be done to traditional marriage than has been and continues to be done by the very people who are hoarding the right to marry now? Let’s be honest–straight people are quite handily destroying the institution of marriage all on their very own. Instead of addressing those social problems, opponents of same-sex marriage would prefer to pin the blame on the lapel of gay and lesbian people. Please. How arrogant and disingenuous.

Now, back to the children. The article makes the following additional “arguments”:

  • There is a correlation between single-parent homes and crime.  First, I’d like to see some citation to that study, but let’s assume the premise is accurate. I want to remind you that we are talking about marriage here, the joining together of two people so that they don’t have to be single parents. Second, in most states in this country, gay and lesbian people–some of whom have children already–are forced into single-parenthood because they cannot marry. Same-sex marriage would, therefore, reduce the number of single-parent homes and would provide stability and legal protections for gay and lesbian families. Same-sex marriage would not, however, cause the destruction of any “traditional” marriages, unless, of course, a couple divorces so that one or both can marry a person of the same sex. In that case, the straight marriage was never traditional in the first place.
  • Many view marriage as a venue for self-fulfillment, so if we make same-sex marriage “equivalent” to traditional marriage, we send a message that marriage is about personal fulfillment.  I guess I don’t really disagree with this particular statement. I mean, in this country, we have largely moved away from arranged marriages. I think we can all agree that, at the time most of us are considering marrying another person (or entering into a long-term relationship or partnership because we can’t actually marry), one of the reasons we do it is because the other person makes us happy and fulfilled. Is the author really advocating that marriage should not be about self-fulfillment? Impossible. And if he (she?) has the right to be fulfilled (which, by the way, is guaranteed by the Constitution in that whole “pursuit of happiness” provision), why can’t I have it? Just because the person that provides me happiness and fulfillment has the same gender? That’s not fair. And it’s not Constitutional, either.
  • Marriage is about raising children in a healthy environment and any change of definition affects straight marriage. If a healthy environment for children is what you want, then you need to change your focus. Focus on divorce. Focus on bad parenting. Focus on providing existing families the tools they need to raise children in healthy environments (e.g., food, shelter, education, health care, safety and security). Leave us alone. Please also note that even the most vehement opponents of same-sex marriage admit that there is no research available that demonstrates that children of gay and lesbian parents fare worse than those born of non-gay people.
  • Same-sex marriage will only make it harder to promote traditional marriage. I covered this, above, by pointing out that “traditional marriage” is a lost cause, and not at the hands of the Gays.

Marriage, like all institutions, has changed with the times. It is time to give all citizens the right to marry, complete with its legal, societal, and cultural obligations and responsibilities. Any thing less is unAmerican.

[Confidential to the Author: You are an attorney. You have taken an oath to uphold the law, including the U.S. Constitution, which has been increasingly found to protect gay and lesbian couples from the tyranny of the majority. Your professional responsibilities require you to acknowledge the weight of precedent, not to mention to be truthful and accurate in your arguments against same-sex marriage. Writing an opinion piece, filled with conjecture and lies by omission and devoid of citation, falls below the standard to which I believe you are bound. Beyond the rules of professional responsibility, I commend to you Minn. R. Civ. P. 11.02.]

STOP THE DAMN PRESSES!  I am not the only one calling bullshit on this MN opinion piece. I am joined by friend of the gays and star NFL player, Chris Kluwe! Thanks Chris. You rock!

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One of Seattle’s local stations, KOMO TV, published an AP article today entitled “What’s missing from pro-gay marriage TV ads? Gays.”  In short (because you people won’t read, as I constantly lament), the article correctly observes that, in the most recent advertising in states where marriage equality is on the ballot this year (Washington, Maryland, Minnesota, and Maine), the advertising features . . .

Wait for it

. . .

NON-GAYS!  Shocking, I know.

Or is it?  I mean, this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about this phenom. In fact, I will quote myself from an earlier post on this very issue, which is narcissistic, I know, but I am FUCKING RIGHT ON THE MONEY, bitches:

[W]hen it comes to making headway in the fight for equality, the most powerful stories are proving to be the stories told by our straight allies, both the stories they weave about themselves and their own thoughts on equality and marriage equality, but also the stories they tell about us.   They are amazingly eloquent. And, they have no dog in the fight. For a straight couple, who can get married without impediment, to stand up and say, “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right, it isn’t American for us to be able to marry when some of our friends, family, and colleagues cannot,” I mean, how do you argue with that?

Even though the last sentence of that quote is a grammar school teacher’s worst freaking nightmare, the point is inarguable:  When people see non-gay people standing up for equality, speaking out for equality, voting for equality, they are compelled to think of equality in a new light.

That is not, however, the only reason that the advertising around marriage equality this year is so straight. Why are gays and lesbians not featured more prominently in pro-equality advertising this year? I’ll tell you why:

  • Our opponents quite simply do not believe us and do not find us credible.
  • Our opponents think we are nothing more than self-interested nit-wits who lack all objectivity about our own status as a minority in this country.
  • Our opponents think we are provocateurs, concerned only with the “sex” in sexual orientation.
  • Our opponents continue to define our orientation and gender expression as a “lifestyle,” like yachting or fitness or thuggery.
  • Despite our accomplishments, our intelligence, our education, our life experience, our opponents paint us as people who do not know or understand ourselves or our legal or social predicament and who are, at our very essence, nothing more than straight-people-gone-astray.
  • Our opponents insist, too often disingenuously, that our cry for equality is an attempt to destroy religion, freedom of speech, and the foundations of modern civilization.
  • Our opponents continue to try to silence us by dismissing us as if we are petulant children and marginalizing us by spreading lies, saying hurtful things, invoking their gods and morality, and even perpetrating violence against us.

LGBT people have talked until we are electric blue in the face, resulting in losses at the ballot box 32 of 32 times. The strategy has not returned dividends, and we are fucking tired of waging this battle alone. It is time for the people who know and love us to stand up and tell their own stories about who we are. Thankfully, so many of them are doing it and doing it well. To them, we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude and invitations to our extravagantly beautiful gay weddings.

Now, vote to Approve Ref. 74.  Not just because I have asked you to recognize the legal rights that I have been long denied but because good people who have no dog in this fight are asking you, begging you, to do it.

[Side Bar: Apparently, some gays are up-in-arms about the conspicuous lack of gay and lesbian people in political advertising thus far, but they are gays who do not understand or do not care about the nuances of today’s politics. I will not waste my time debating those gays who think that commercials filled to the brim with gays are going to appeal to anyone but more gays and our existing straight allies. It’s pointless.]

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I am on fire tonight. Actually, I am on fire every day when it comes to my rights, but tonight, I’m on fire in WORDS, bitches.  WORDS AND WORDS AND WORDS! So, I have another blog post for you.

On the heels of a story I posted about how marriage equality does not turn people into Eunuchs and that children raised by same-sex couples are fully aware of their own and other people’s genders, my favorite homo-hater,* Peter LaBarbera has tried to tell me that gay and lesbian couples can’t make children.


Oh, really, Peter

Then, he proceeded to tell me that I, a person with a degree IN BIOLOGY (as well as a minor in math, a degree in a liberal art, and a law degree), need to take a biology class:


Only infertile people can’t make babies, you genius.

Fuck you, Peter (and by Peter, I mean Peter himself as well as his various cohorts-in-oppression).  Peter, I know you wish were there so you could take pictures of how my little tykes were made, just like you like to take pictures at the Pride parade, Chicago’s IML, or the same-sex kiss-in at Chicago’s Chick-fil-A (which pictures are totally for research and development purposes, I’m sure), but you weren’t there and you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. The lesson there, in case you missed it, Peter, is:  You should shut your pie hole.

Homo-haters,* fight us all you want about marriage equality, but really, you have already lost your battle against LGBT people, and I’m a prime example. I’m out in every aspect of my life and have been for a long time. My family loves and supports me. I’ve been in the same gay relationship for 8 years. I’m outspoken and visible and politically active. I’m well-educated. I FUCKING VOTE. I may not enjoy the same rights that you take for granted (yet), but rights notwithstanding, your inability to get me to conform to your draconian social and religious ideals is already an epic fail. You will never, ever be able to force me into a heterosexual relationship, and you’ve already failed to prevent me from building a family on my terms. On that note, meet the two best things that have ever happened to me in my life.  EVER:

My guys

Perfect in every way!

You lose.

*Someone sent this to me earlier today after I publicly waged war with a woman who took my brother to task for supporting me and my fight for equality.  Its accuracy is both comedic and succinct, and I will no longer use the word homophobe to describe those of you who try to hold my head under water as a second-class citizen.


Enough said

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A new opinion/lie piece out recently by some right-wingnut named Frances Kelly once again says that legalizing same-sex marriage makes marriage anti-gender. I will remind you that, after I marry my partner, I have every intention of keeping my genitals. Our marriage will be FILLED with gender. It will be male, but it will definitely be gendered.  And I have lesbian friends and straight friends who have announced their pending nuptials, and I have begged them not to have their genitals surgically removed or their gender erased in preparation for marriage.

Happily, they have agreed.

The lovely (?) Ms. Kelly, however, goes one step further than scaring the world into believing that all people who wish to marry will have to have their fun-parts removed.  She has also come up with this doozie:

[A]llowing unigender couples to marry means that two women can marry each other, eliminating men from the family. Again, this is gender segregation and gender discrimination.

Apparently, Ms. Kelly forgot to put on her thinking cap before penning her lie-infested piece of propaganda.  Gender discrimination occurs when you treat people differently under the law because of their gender.  For example, when the law says that two men cannot marry each other because they are both men, you are discriminating against them because of their gender (or at least one of their genders).  More importantly, same-sex marriage laws do not, in any way, shape or form, restrict or limit the ability of opposite-sex couples to marry each other.  Stated a slightly different way, allowing two men to marry each other will do nothing to discriminate against opposite-gender people BECAUSE THEY CAN STILL FUCKING MARRY EACH OTHER if they want to, just like always.

Believe it or not, even though I think she is off her rocker, I actually agree with the first sentence of her piece (and wish someone had taken her keyboard away so she couldn’t write the rest of her dim-bulbed article):

If we redefine marriage to include same-gender couples, we’re saying there is no important difference between the partnership of two men, and the union of one man and one woman.

True, and that is exactly how it should be.  Under the law, there should be no important difference between the rights of two married men, two married women, or a married man and woman.  The rest of her article is about child rearing, because “SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!”  As a legal matter, however, opposite-sex married couples have rights regardless of their intent to have children or their ability to have children or even their competence as parents.  So, pro-creation is irrelevant to the analysis.

Oh, and for the record, same-sex marriage laws do nothing to prevent non-gay couples from breeding.  On a related note, the lack of marriage equality does nothing to keep people like me–BIG FUCKING FAGGOTS and our women friends–from having babies.  Trust me on this (and read my very next post on this issue).  So, the whole “child-rearing” game that the religious zealots are trying to play is truly zero-sum.

Same-sex marriage:

  • It ain’t genderless.
  • It isn’t anti-gender.
  • It doesn’t render women or men “disposable.”
  • It is not going to require the deletion of gender pronouns from the English language (I, for example, am 100% man, love my man-hood, am proud to be a man, and would like to continue to be referred to as “he”)

In fact, I think I’m going to stand naked in the mirror right now and stare my gender right in the fucking face.

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