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What’s for Dinner?

Are you like me about this time of night (5:30 p.m. PDT), standing in your kitchen and wondering what you are going to feed yourself and/or the other selfish “me-me-me” members of your family?  Of course you are.  Well, I have an answer that you are going to love.  It’s called, What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner, and it is simply genius.  For example, on tonight’s episode of, “Shut your cakeholes, hungry children, I’m working on it,” I bring you the following from my new best friends at WTFSIMFD:

Dinner plans?

Problem solved!

Click on the suggestion, and you get a recipe.  If you don’t fucking like the suggestion or don’t eat whatever fucking ingredients are contained therein, you can get another suggestion.  Oh, and it is happy to insult you while it gives you clever suggestions:


Crunchy, granola ass, indeed.

See?  And you people think I just use this blog for evil and not good.  You. Are. Welcome.  You can blow me later.


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Tonight’s heroic rescue of the Chilean miners makes one a complete boob.  The entire world is watching with bated breath as each miner is pulled from the bowels of the earth to civilization, after a harrowing 69 days below the surface.  There are so many lessons to be learned, to wit:

  • The power of hope is incalculable.
  • The human ability to adapt, endure, and survive is equally incalculable.
  • Great intellect and ingenuity can solve nearly any problem, given ample time and resources.
  • The government (particularly the Chilean government) can have a heart and can stick to its promises and its humanistic principles.  The President of Chile is on site, and he genuinely appears to be as happy to hug and congratulate each and every miner as their families are to see them again.
  • The power of great leadership is not only inspirational, but it can save lives.  Luis Urzua, the shift manager, has consistently and constantly inspired the best in the men who were trapped.  His stewardship has inspired the miners to take care of each other,  to build a community, to impose rules and governance, to hope, and to survive.  He will be the last miner out, just like the captain of a sinking ship.  Each and every miner is an inspiration, but Urzua is a beacon of hope and guidance.
  • Technology is amazing.  From drilling a bore hole to deliver essentials, to drilling a rescue shaft, installing cameras and speakers a half mile underground, building a tent city of journalists broadcasting by satellite, and rescuing (RESCUING!) men who would have certainly died without it.

I know it is too much to ask, but I’m going to anyway:  Can each and every human on the planet who is touched by this story realize that our collective empathy is powerful and binds us all in a way that transcends all perceived differences (e.g., political, religious, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, etc.)?  Just try it.

Now, lest I get way too damn serious, I would like to lighten this post just a little.  Tonight, I posted a question on another form of social media that basically asked when was the last time a human interest story with a truly happy ending captivated the world.  I got an answer from the funniest person I know (besides me).   The answer?  October 16, 1987.

Now, go on and empathize with your fellow humans.  Each and every one of us has our own version of the San Jose mine with which to cope.

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