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Who Signed Ref. 71?

Remember Ref. 71?  The Referendum in Washington whereby the public got to vote on whether the RDP and I should indeed have the right to even call each other RDPs?  Well, after much wrangling in the courts, the names of each and every a-hole who signed the Referendum were made public via Washington’s Public Disclosure Act.

Even better?  The list of signatories, including names and addresses, has been compiled and converted into a neat little searchable database.  Want to see it?  Of course you do!

Now, there is some controversy, even amongst smart gays and lesbians, about the use that might be made of this information.  Some are worried that it will be used to persecute the nice people who forced a vote on my Constitutional rights.  I guess that depends on your definition of the term “persecute.”

Listen to me and listen to me hard.  The Referendum and Initiative (and even petition) process is public.  If you are going to sign a Referendum or Initiative petition, then you damn well better have the courage of your convictions.  If you don’t, then you have no business signing. Furthermore, if you want to put my rights–or the rights of any minority–to a public vote, then you should also be willing to subject yourself to the harsh light of the public eye. Washington’s Public Information Act–let alone fairness and justice–requires disclosure.

You can quote me on that. Now, do I intend to firebomb any of these people? Probably not.  (I’m more of a glitter-bomb type.  I do not like the smell of burning flesh, really, so firebombing isn’t particularly appealing to me.  I do, however, love to see people decked out in glitter.  So GAY!  But, I digress.)

On the other hand, do I intend to let people believe for one minute that they can deny me my Constitutional rights by hiding under a perceived cloak of anonymity? Not for one single minute. It is easy to say and do outrageous things when you do not run the risk of having to answer for your actions.

So what am I looking for?  What do I think is often lacking from our Referendum and Initiative process?  Accountability. The publication of the names of people who signed Ref. 71–and any other Referendum or Initiative–will keep people accountable for their actions.  Adult decisions and actions come with adult consequences, including supporting a Referendum or Initiative, particularly one that will deny a significant population rights that are enjoyed by everyone else.  Will publication of these names have a chilling effect?  Probably, and I think it should.  If you do not feel strongly enough about a ballot measure to have your name published in support of it, then your signature does not deserve to be counted.

Confidential to Ref. 74 Supporters:  We will seek to have your names published, and now that we have precedent, it shouldn’t be difficult.  So, before you sign Referendum 74, which seeks to deny my newly recognized right to marriage equality, make sure you really feel strongly enough that you are willing to subject yourself to public scrutiny.  If not, then perhaps marriage equality is not something you should waste any more of your precious time trying to deny your fellow citizens.

UPDATE 2/21/2012:  The Who Signed website has been further updated so that you can search by name, address, city, state and zip.  You’ll be shocked.  Just fucking try it.


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Again, I ask the question:  What good is a blog without an active blogger?  But, in my defense, let me explain (otherwise known as making excuses).

First, my laptop developed a serious and completely fatal drinking problem.  It is astonishing how little wine it takes to COMPLETELY FRY the circuitry of a laptop.  Not that I am assigning blame, but wouldn’t you think that the keyboard tray of almost all laptops would at least repel liquid?  I mean, that laptop was dead less than 10 seconds after spilling 2 ounces of wine on it.

Second, my phone died.  It was more than 2 years old, true.  But, why does it have to pour when it rains?

Third, my immune system broke.  Didn’t help that I had out-of-town visitors who showed up at my door despite having some unknown illness.  Is it a bad cold?  Is it the flu?  Is it piggy flu?  Who knows, but it has been kicking my ass.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t a version of the flu, because I am way too hungry (unless that is why it is called the piggy flu, as in “pig out”).  Probably just a miserable cold.  Still.  I’m a big baby, so it probably means certain death.

But before I die, I just need to follow up on my Ref. 71 rants from days-gone-by.  Washington voters did the right thing and preserved the rights granted by the Legislature to registered domestic partners.  I owe them a HUGE thank you, at least the ones who voted to approve.  If you voted to reject, then I want to say, “Fuck you very much.”  You are a small-minded freak, and I know where you live.


Look at this map prepared by the Washington Secretary of State.  See all of that yellow?  Do you know what it proves?  The smaller the population, the smaller the mind. 

Ok.  That’s an over-generalization.  Apparently you are also small-minded if you live in Tacoma (too many hazardous materials have fried your brains) or Vancouver (you have to be conservative as a desperate attempt NOT to be lumped into devilishly progressive Portland) or Spokane (where you really hate the gays thanks to MAJOR CLOSET CASE former Mayor Jim West, who had to live in the closet and seek gay sex on-line because you people really hate the gays and, therefore, they feel compelled to live in the closet and must seek human interaction covertly . . . and repeat . . . and repeat . . . and repeat . . .). 

So, thanks.  You made history, 53% to 47%.  And we, the gays, promise not to fuck up our domestic partnerships any more than straight people have fucked up marriage.

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Seriously, HorseKnuckle

I ask you:  What in the hell good is a blog if no one ever updates it? 

No good, I tell you.  None.

Sorry for my absence, but someone spilled a glass of Boone’s Farm on my Commodore 64, and I’ve been disconnected from the Internets.

Here is what I have missed commenting on: 

  • Balloon Boy scandal was a hoax (no SHIT!?!)
  • Hate Crimes bill with protections for homos passes and heads for the President’s desk (and it only took 287 years!)
  • McGinn for Mayor changes its mind about the viaduct
  • Speaking of viaduct, the state releases a video of me on the viaduct as it collapses (PTSD, anyone?)
  • Joe Mallahan sucks and blows during the debate, but I’m still voting for him (I can explain, I swear)
  • Two pilots forget to land in Minneapolis.  Why?  Their story: because they were locked in a debate.  True (?) story: because they were on their laptops while locked in a debate.  My story:  because they were joining the mile high club.  I mean really:  if I’m on the laptop, I can still hear the phone ring (or whatever rings when EVERYONE is trying to get ahold of you to make sure you haven’t crashed).  On the other hand, if I’m doing it, the only thing I can hear is me screaming my own name . . . wait, I mean . . . oh, nevermind.
  • Ref. 71 numbers are looking good for the gays!
  • When the fuck am I going to write Part 2 of GLUG? 

I have failed you all.  But, I will work like a teenage Chinese girl in a Calvin Klein sweatshop to make it better.  After I get my Commodore back . . . .

Happy Birthday to me,


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It rains in Seattle.  Insipid drizzle.  For months.

Rarely, however, does Seattle experience the type of rain that occurred on one particularly tragic day in 2006.   December 14, to be exact.  Buckets of rain.  Fast.  Furious.  The type of rain that overwhelms the storm drainage system.   The type of rain that turns a necessity of life into an intrumentality of death.  It fell so quickly that it created a flash flood in the middle of city.  It rushed anywhere it could go.  In the Madison Valley area of Seattle, it turned streets into rivers, hills into torrents of mud, basements into death chambers. 

On December 14, only one person lost her life.  She was Kate Fleming.  She was a renowned narrator of audio books.  She was working in the recording studio she had built in her basement.  The water came in so quickly, so violently, that she couldn’t escape. 

She did not die instantly.  She was transported to a local hospital.  Her partner of 10 years, Charlene Strong, arrived as quickly as she could, and by all counts, before Kate took her last breath.  Nevertheless, Kate died alone, without Charlene

The hospital staff in a major, liberal, progressive city like Seattle refused to allow Charlene to see Kate. 

The excuse?  Charlene was not next of kin.

Just weeks before the most important vote Washingtonians will make about our equality, Charlene has written an article for the Seattle Times urging all voters to approve Referendum 71 to preserve domestic partnership rights.  It is a compelling read, to say the least.  

If you think it is shocking that she was denied access to her partner on the last day of their lives together, get this:  In the aftermath of the tragedy, as Charlene was picking up the pieces of her shattered life and her lost dreams, she was told “not to take [it] personally.” 

Don’t take it personally?  She was denied the right to see her partner of 10 years.  10 FUCKING YEARS!  What did their decade-long commitment get them?  What does it get any gay couple?  As a legal and even a practical matter, little if anything.  The humiliation of being disregarded, marginalized, ignored at the most pivotal and life-altering moment any of us will ever face.  The right to confront death alone.  The inability to provide comfort, to hold a loved one’s hand, or to say, “I love you.”  Or in this case, “Goodbye.” 

The denial of our equal rights and all of the corresponding rights and responsibilities is inhumane.  It is cruel.  It is an injustice of staggering proportions.  If the current domestic partnership law had been on the books in 2006, this would not have happened.  This COULD NOT have happened.  And there is simply no legitimate, legal reason for gay couples to be treated as less than equal.

Please be empathetic.  Please VOTE TO APPROVE REFERENDUM 71.

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This horse already spoke the truth about Ref. 71 in the most eloquent post ever to appear on . . . well . . . on this blog, at least since its inception exactly 48 hours ago.  Still, it was ingenius and a work of literary art.  Read it and weep.

But HorseKnuckle isn’t the only voice out there on this issue.  Therefore, I offer for your viewing pleasure a moving picture retort to the “LYING FUCKING LIARS” propaganda piece  from the Protect Marriage bullshitters (I don’t know if that is actually the name of that giant pile of cat barf they call a commercial, but I think it has a nice ring, no?):

Now, lest you think I am a “one-track” horse, I am searching my mind and the Internets for something not gay about which to post.  It’s hard, though, because the Internets are so very, very gay!  Who knew?

[Note to self:  Get one of them moving picture machine things, some soft lighting, a good foundation and bronzer, and the HorseKnuckle star is born.]

[Confidential to CT:  Is it possible to be witty, charming, and eloquent about healthcare?  I don’t want to alienate my 3 subscribers.]

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lies, Lies, LIES!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I provide for you the video created by the people who hate the gays and want to repeal the domestic partnership rights we were given in 2009:

Can someone please come over here and hold my head together before it explodes?  Let’s chew this mo-fo up and spit it back out in a more digestable form, my little baby birdies:

  • First of all, this is America, where I don’t have to believe in your god any more than he/she/it believes in me.  And you don’t have to like domestic partnerships or my gay relationship, and I can’t force you to enter into one of your own.  And since this is America and it is a big, vast, amazing place, we can all co-exist peacefully, respectfully, and without fucking each other over constantly.  Novel idea, I know. 
  • Second, making the argument against domestic partnerships based on religion is a fool’s errand, but there are a lot of fools in this country.  The Gov’t has no right to impose your God on me and “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  Or so it goes in the U.S. CONSTITUTION for chrissakes.  So, when the people, through the referendum process or through their elected representatives, attempt to change or establish law based on religious doctrine, we have a serious problem. 
  • Third, despite what you are being led to believe, Washington law does not permit gay couples to “marry.”  The issue before the voters is not marriage, it is the domestic partnership law, also known as the “Everything BUT Marriage Law.”  By implying in the video that you will vote on gay marriage, the Protect Marriage Washington people are LYING TO YOU.  Even their name is a LIE (as in, they are LYING TO YOU by calling themselves Protect Marriage Washington). 
  • Fourth, when they tell you that a vote against Ref. 71 will protect marriage, they are LYING TO YOU.   Guess what?  Repealing the expansion of domestic partnership rights does nothing to protect marriage.  Why?  Because marriage isn’t at issue.  At all.  In any way, shape or form.  For example, let’s say we all vote to approve Ref. 71 (as we should).  Marriage will not change.  Heterosexual couples will be able to marry in exactly the same way and to the same extent before AND after.  Amazing!  And the free exercise clause of the U.S. CONSTITUTION (again with the Constitution!) will ensure that if your church does not want to perform domestic partnership ceremonies, it won’t have to. 
  • Fifth, Ref. 71 does not actually get rid of the domestic partnership law, and my domestic partnership will still be valid even if Ref. 71 is rejected.  So, the Protect Marriage people are also LYING TO YOU when they imply that you will be repealing the entire domestic partnership law if you vote to reject Ref. 71.  The law first passed in 2007.  It was expanded in 2008.  It was further expanded in 2009.  A referendum can only affect the laws passed in the most recent legislative session, so Ref. 71 rolls back some of my rights but not all of them.  I still will have the rights that I was given in 2007 and 2008.  As an added bonus, I, along with thousands of my friends and family, will be extra pissed off and will do whatever is necessary to restore our rights!  Yay!
  • Sixth, I have no fucking idea how Ref. 71 protects children, and the Protect Marriage people are–wait for it, wait for it–LYING TO YOU (Yes!) when they make such a ridiculous claim.  Children can’t get married.  Children can’t enter into domestic partnerships.  Surprisingly, the law does not even allow gay people to EAT CHILDREN!  So, children remain safe.

If you are sick and tired of being lied to and would like to see the Protect Marriage people go down in a blaze of fire (and brimstone), go here to donate or volunteer.   

Now, go forth and spread the divine word of HorseKnuckle.  And VOTE TO APPROVE REF. 71!

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Let’s start off with a rant, shall we?  A rant about domestic partnerships, gay rights, and equality, things about which I care deeply (and about which I will blog ad nauseum but by no means exclusively) for several reasons:  1) I’m a card-carrying, American male homosexual; 2) my domestic partnership is currently registered and has been for years; 3) I fancy myself an armchair lawyer; and 4) I am sick and tired of religious extremism, lack of empathy, and the type of arrogance that leads some to beleive that they know and understand my situation in life better than I do.   

Oh, and one more thing.  It probably goes without saying that HorseKnuckle hates stupid, thoughtless people, the type of jackasses that will maintain a position that is detrimental–dare I say deadly–to other people without investing more than a click of the remote to formulate it, let alone undertake to question or challenge their own opinions or beliefs, which for them must be intellectual slavery. 

Now, let’s get to the numbers.

According to the Seattle P.I. blog, voters are split on Referendum 71, the ballot measure that would repeal the domestic partnership rights that the Washington State Legislature added in 2009.  The numbers are disappointing, to say the least, and too close to call right now:  45% would approve Ref. 71 (thereby preserving partnership rights); 42% would reject Ref. 71 (thereby repealing the rights that were granted in 2009); and 13% are undecided (which means these people don’t think they even know “a homosexual”).

Breaking it down even further, we learn that:

  • Men reject the gays 46% to 42%, because if you are straight, other penises are scary, and two or more erections shall not be in the same room together.  Except a couple of times in high school.  And once in the frat-house shower.  And any time there is a naked, cracked-out, co-ed in the room; provided, however, that no two special man-parts may come into contact with each other (except in cases of double penetration).
  • Women accept the gays 48% to 36%, because they have come to terms with the inherent evilness of the penis.  And the gays make excellent girlfriends.
  • Young people positively love the gays 58% to 36%, which means old people suck.  Old people also die, so I guess the future looks brighter.
  • Democrats are as smart on this issue (72% in favor) as Republicans are dumb (72% against).  And therein lies the rub, right?

Ok.  That’s not exactly fair.  One incident of affiliating with a political party is that many people buy into the entire party platform without breaking down any of the issues independently.  So, if you identify as Republican, you automatically tow the party line on all of the issues.  If you are against abortion, you must also necessarily be against national health care, regulating financial institutions, raising the minimum wage, tax increases, and gay rights.

In my experience, however, if you talk to Republicans about the individual issue of gay rights, outside of the context and emotional baggage of party affiliation, you will get far different answers than you or they expect.  Turns out, after thinking about the issue even briefly, most folks understand and admit that taking away or denying other’s rights does not improve their lives at all while those of us who are and would be unequal are so much worse off. 

Stated more simply, no one benefits from inequality, yet no one is harmed by equality.  Who can argue with that?  Of course, crazies like those interviewed by the Stranger in its article, “Why Do You Hate Me?” will try.  But their arguments have nothing to do with equal rights and have everything to do with fear and misinformation.  To be graphic, what makes these nut-jobs think that denying gay people domestic partnership rights will cut down on anal sex or prevent the spread of disease?  And please, bitch.  I have been on the Internets, and I can assure you that straight people, both married and not, are all about the anal and are spreading more than their fair share of diseases (and I’m not talking about their inability, unlike the gays, to cough and sneeze into their sleeves).

So, to the regular people who are inclined to reject Referendum 71 and take back my rights, I ask you to think about whether your boat rises when you sink mine.  And, to the crazy, anally-fixated, holier-than-thou types out there, hear me on this:  Rolling back domestic partnership rights will not have the effect you intend.  I will not go back in the closet.  I will not end my relationship with my partner.  I will not sell our home or liquidate our joint assets.   I will not increase or decrease the amount of sex I have.  I will not start having relations with women or start looking for a wife.  I will not join your church.  I will not stop fighting for equality. 

And I most certainly will not stop being fabulous.


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