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I love Heather McDonald, also known as “Longboobs,” who writes brilliantly for Chelsea … umm … Chelsea someone (fuck, I don’t know or care) and who has her own show called “After Lately.”  Well, bitches, I am officially on her radar screen.  Or at least I was for 16 seconds tonight.  See?

Ms. McDonald

Suck it, bitches!

I know what some of you haters are saying.  “You’re stupid.”  Oh yeah?  Well trust me on this:  You don’t get horrifyingly famous by being not stupid.  You can take that shit to the bank.

Heather, am I right?  Well, AM I?



P.S.  See you in Hollywood!

[Confidential to H “LB” McD:  That dude was 100% pole smoker.  I could smell the balls on him through the television.]


She read this blog.  So, you can now officially say that you read a blog that Heather “MiracleTits” McDonald read.  You. Are. Fucking. Welcome.  That will be $5.25 for happiness rendered.  And now, I can take the rest of these Xanax and wash them down with the rest of this 3-buck Chuck and sleep like Whitney Houston.

Heather, again

Better than the time Olivia Newton-John re-tweeted me, that's for fucking sure.


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