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Food Labeling

Let’s assume that the premise of this piece of shit editorial is true: The U.S. has become a nanny state. So much so, that when I go out and pick vegetables from my garden, I am going to have to slap a god damn food label on it so that I know what I am eating (which, by the way, IS NOT FUCKING TRUE).

Well, today, one of my 7 worthless Tea Party Conservative Facebook followers posted a rant about how ObamaCare is going to force a label on every, single thing you can stick in your mouth, including, ostensibly, my pecker. And because I am sick and fucking tired of stupid, ill-informed, ignorant opinion from people who know not of what they speak (is that the Department of Redundancy Department?) and because I am crabby at the world for a variety of COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY REASONABLE REASONS, obviously, I just couldn’t keep myself from responding in a bitchy and “destined to be unfriended” way:


Fat Hogs Unite!

I mean, shut the fuck up. Food labeling has been required for years, not that it matters to gluttonous Americans who wouldn’t know health if it kicked them in the box.

Here’s the deal, fuckwits: The U.S. and America are going to pay one way or another. Either we try to help you make good choices by labeling food appropriately, or we pay the costs of your fat ass having a fucking heart attack and dying and leaving your family without enough money to feed and shelter themselves. Right? One way or another, we pay. Increased insurance premiums, welfare, death benefits … someone has to pay. So instead of letting people haphazardly foist their bad health on the rest of us, why don’t we help them make good choices? Oh, wait. That’s too progressive of an attitude. We should simply let people fend for themselves, in a world where corporations are willing to feed you literally anything that you’ll be stupid and ill-informed enough to stuff in your cake hole.

Congratulations on your bad health.




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BREAKING NEWS: Dominican Hookers

Tonight, the Daily Caller, a … well, um … a conservative National Enquirer of sorts, I guess, created by the likes of Tucker Fucking Carlson, has BREAKING NEWS that you just have to read because it changes ever…………….

Um, wait.

It changes absolutely nothing, but that is not what Fucker Carlson wants you to believe. And he is a fucker, just like the Daily Caller is a rag.

So here is the summary:

Two hookers in the Dominican Republic get stiffed (pun intended) by a short, chubby, white guy from the U.S. named Bob. They.Are.Fucking.Pissed. They have never seen the man who short-changed them (again, pun intended), so as hookers the world over are known to do (what?), they spend every waking hour searching the Internets for days trying to find 1 pasty white, flabby dude from America (or maybe Canada) out of 200 million. Having trouble locating him, they turn to Tucker Carlson, a known Republican operative/mouthpiece, to help them. Suddenly, among all of the short, chubby, white AmeriCanadians that hire hookers in the DR, they realize that the man was not a loose Canadian. IT WAS MOTHER FUCKING SENATOR BOB MENENDEZ (D-NJ), PIMPS AND HOES! And all this happens …


6 days before the election, and on the same day that President Obama toured New Jersey after Hurricane SuperBitch Sandy washed Snookie and her dirty lady parts out to sea. In fact, there are pictures of Obama and Sen. Menendez together. Today. Coinkydinky?

I don’t fucking think so.

Not that I give a baseball bat-sized shit anyway. Senator Menendez is a human being who, like me, needs to get laid. Because he, as a biological being, is supposed to like and want to FUCK! There, I said it. It’s in our genes. People want to screw, and not just because they’ve seen others fake hump on television and it looks glamorous. Instead, we all want to make the naughty with other people because we’re genetically programmed, like all other species on the god damn planet, to want to procreate.

Yes, even the gays are programmed to procreate. They just have really shitty BIOLOGICAL judgment when it comes to choosing a mate. But it comes from the same place in all animals, which, from what I can tell, is right around our extra-sensitive fun parts.


Let’s assume that the hookers who went on the exhaustive search of the entire Internet to find the manbeast who fucked them over (pun intended) are 100% accurate. Fine. Here is something else you should know about the Senator: He’s single. Oh, and get this completely relevant little detail: Prostitution is exceptionally LEGAL in the DR. Legal.

So, a non-married human being with the biological need to mate and a penis up for the challenge goes to a country where prostitution is legal and [under]pays hookers for sex. Jesus Christ, will someone please call someone who fucking cares? It ain’t me, and it shouldn’t be you. If you pry into people’s private lives or you pimp out whores like the Daily Caller to pry on your behalf, then you deserve the horror that you reap upon yourself. You cunt.

This story is not newsworthy. Whether true or false, it is an attempt to not only discredit Sen. Menendez for exercising his biological needs legally, but it is an attempt to discredit Democrats and, in particular, our President, who has nothing to do with it. The Republican lie machine will stop at nothing to destroy him. And me. And you. And this country.

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The fight over LGBT rights and marriage equality that is bubbling and steaming all over the country is more than a fight just for equality.  It’s a battle to win hearts and minds and to change people’s perceptions of who we are, perceptions that are frighteningly crazy and dangerous.  We are having to wage the battle at the highest levels of leadership in this country because those leaders are creating a culture of violence–figurative and literal–against LGBT people by continuing to try to marginalize us with constitutional amendments, baby-DOMAs, and refusal to extend legal protections that are provided to non-gay citizens.

Take, for example, the fight for marriage equality in Minnesota.  The Minnesota Legislature will allow the citizens of Minnesota to vote on a constitutional amendment that would prohibit their fellow gay and lesbian citizens from ever having marriage equality.  Yes.  Minnesota is going to put the rights of a minority up for popular vote, and this vote isn’t about some ordinance or a rule or even a statute.  This vote may allow Minnesotans to enshrine discrimination into the state’s constitution.  North Carolina is doing the same thing.  And, we’ll have referenda here in Washington and Maryland to try to repeal our new marriage laws.

But even if the amendment fails to pass, damage continues to be done to the LGBT community because of the message that is sent by lawmakers and the crazy fools (literally) who continue to fund the campaign against equality.  They all swear they have no animus toward gay and lesbian people, and, on an individual basis, that may be true (although I doubt it).  When done collectively, however, and through the vehicle of public institutions like the Legislature or the judiciary or city councils or school boards or et cetera, animus is the result.  The public policy message that continues to be sent by elected officials and PACs who oppose LGBT rights is that we are second-class citizens, undeserving of the full protection of the law.  And that message is being heard, loud and clear, by each and every citizen in this country.

We continue to be marginalized, and politicians are willing to throw other people under the bus with us in order to keep LGBT people from being protected or from fully enjoying rights bestowed on non-gay people.  Take the federal Violence Against Women Act, which has been re-authorized 3 times before without controversy.  This year, the bill was amended to provide protections for the LGBT community, and now, Republicans refuse to pass it.  So, not only do LGBT people have no protection, but women have no protection because the Act expired last year.

The citizenry picks up on these subtle (and not-so-subtle) clues.  No one really believes that lawmakers and groups like the National Organization for Marriage are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.  No one really believes that lawmakers are trying to protect children by refusing to allow gay couples to marry.  No one truly believes that adding LGBT to anti-violence legislation gives us special rights that other people don’t have.  Everyone sees these efforts for what they are:  a culture war in which failure to conform is punished by the denial of rights and protections.

When the culture war leaves the confines of our public institutions–where violence against LGBT people is done with lawmaking and speeches and smiles and nods and agreements to disagree–it spills into the streets, where the message is delivered with actual violence.  From bullying, to firings, denial of access to services, assaults, and even murder.

So, when our leaders say they have “nothing personal” against LGBT people, we need to call bullshit.  Anytime they treat us as second-class citizens or single us out for different treatment than other citizens get, it is personal.  When the policy of our government institutions is disparate treatment, the message to the entire country is unmistakable: LGBT people are different and should be treated differently.  That is why public policy matters.



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The Violence Against Women Act is up for re-authorization this year and is currently being debated by Congress.  Originally enacted in 1994, the Act has been re-authorized twice by Congress, once in 2000 and once in 2005.  It has provided important protections to women against domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.  It covers adult women and teens, enrolled tribe members, the elderly, the disabled, and other minority groups.  Until this year, it has been passed and re-authorized with little fanfare or even debate.

This year, the shit has hit the fan, however.  The Act expired in 2011 and is currently of no force or effect.  Today, the Senate debated re-authorization of the law.  And by debate, I need to explain that there was no debate whatsoever.  Only 7 Senators spoke on the Senate floor about re-authorization.  Every single one of them was a woman; 6 Democrats and 1 Republican.  No man, not one single penis, could be bothered to stand up and demand re-authorization of a law that has uniformly been credited as a success and a dramatic improvement in care and critical services for people victimized by abuse in relationships.

Do you know what makes this re-authorization so unbelievably, shockingly controversial?  The law has been expanded to provide protections to LGBT people and immigrants.  And by immigrants, I mean both legal and undocumented immigrants. Why add these minorities?  Because studies show that, although the incidence of violence is the same for them as it is for straight women, they are turned away in huge numbers from shelters and programs that could otherwise help them.

Nevertheless, Republican Senators won’t support it because they apparently don’t think that LGBT people or immigrants are worthy of protection under the law.  What other explanation is there?  They cannot possibly believe that we aren’t actually the victims of abuse, can they?  Of course not–the Senate judiciary committee took testimony about abuse among same-sex couples (see above).  The reason is simple:  They don’t fucking like us, they don’t see us as equals, and in order to get us to comply with their ideals, they are going to continue to punish us by withholding rights and entitlements given to other people in this country.  They simply refuse to acknowledge that expansion of the protections of VAWA does not cause any reduction in the services and benefits that it has provided to women in this country for nearly 20 years.  There is simply no detriment by including LGBT citizens and immigrants, just like permitting same-sex marriage does nothing to diminish marriages of non-gay couples.  Those who refuse to approve re-authorization are blinded by prejudice against people that they view as inferior to them and over whom they feel compelled to wield their substantial and undeserved power.

But, wait.  It’s not just us.  They are willing to throw every other American woman under the bus in order to assert their ideals and make them the law of this land.  What do I mean?  By refusing to re-authorize VAWA, no woman in this country is protected.  The protections are gone, even though the Act has proven to be so successful over the years.

So, who wants to continue to argue that the war on women is manufactured by the media or the left or aliens?  If you think that conservatives–particularly conservative, rich, white men–are not waging a war on women, then you are dumber than a fucking box of rocks.  WAKE UP!  They won’t re-authorize a law that protects women because it will protect others whom they despise, thereby endangering the lives of women.  They want to make women’s health decisions for them because they think women are incapable of making their own.  They want insurance companies to refuse to pay for contraception for women in order to keep them from acting like “sluts” and “prostitutes,” according to Windbag Limbaugh and his ilk.  They want to overturn Roe. Wade, but until they do, they’ll just try to pass laws that make a woman’s right to choose so onerous, so humiliating, so uncomfortable, that women will not seek medical advice or intervention.  Even if it medical care is a matter of life or death.

Normally, I like to conclude these rants with a call to action, but I honestly am at a loss for words.  I don’t know what to ask you to do.  The policies of the right-wing have become so desperate and so dangerous that they defy logic and reason.  They make no fucking sense.  And yet, the right-wing’s disciples continue to blindly carry the torches that will be used by them to burn their witches at the stake, figuratively speaking (although I wouldn’t put actual witch hunts past these fucking crazies).  So, I guess I will encourage you to call your Senators and Representatives.  Talk to your friends and family.  Support progressive candidates and causes.  Donate money to organizations that have the power to fight back  Speak out.

No.  Scream out.

Please.  Before it is too late.


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Today, the Advocate published a statement from President Obama that highlights the progress this country has made at the federal level on LGBT rights.  Although Obama has not come out and directly supported marriage equality, I believe he is beginning to signal that, during his next term, he will call on Congress and the nation to not only repeal DOMA but to grant gay and lesbian couples the 1,000+ federal rights and responsibilities enjoyed by non-gays.  His statement to the Advocate includes the following clue:

My Administration will continue to seek out avenues for progress. Together we can continue to build the more perfect union in which LGBT Americans have the same legal rights and responsibilities as every American.

Certainly, I don’t want to have to wait for another term before we move forward as a nation on this issue.  Yet, imagine the consequences if the President called for marriage equality right now.  It would be unnecessarily divisive.  It would jeopardize his re-election campaign.  It could even cost him the election.  Where would that leave us?

I’ll tell you.  It would leave us with an administration that, without a doubt, would do everything in its power to keep marriage equality from becoming a reality.  It would leave us with an administration that would try to erase the progress we have made in the past 3 years.  It would leave us in the hands of rabid conservatives, hell-bent on turning this country into a theocracy.

So, I ask the LGBT community and its allies to hold fast and tight to the progress we’ve made.  I implore you, however, not to demand that the President jeopardize our progress by making an ill-timed call for marriage equality at this moment, when so much–LGBT rights, women’s rights, civil rights, health care, another war (Iran), a stronger economy, and so much more–hangs in the balance.  As I have said before, lasting change is incremental and true progress must be measured and concerted, not haphazard or hasty.


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There was a time, in the not-too-distant past–2009 to be exact, when the gays were in an absolute FROTH, screaming and kvetching over what they saw as a lack of support and forward motion by the Obama administration on GLBT rights.  This article provides an amazing summary of those criticisms, but because you dicks won’t click on links, I will highlight some of the whining from days-gone-by:

  • Obama made campaign promises to woo the gays, but then didn’t follow up on them
  • Obama hosted a White House party in 2009 to assuage the gays and to get them comfortable with the slow pace of change he advocates
  • Obama is out of touch with the GLBT community’s basic desires
  • Obama hasn’t repealed DADT
  • Obama has done nothing to enact ENDA or the Matthew Shepard Act
  • Obama has been painfully silent on our rights since taking office
  • Obama’s timeline to “get things done” spans 3 years and we want our rights right-the-fuck now

Unlike the rabid gay contingent, I have always believed that change is incremental.  Nothing would have been more counterproductive, more polarizing, more wasteful than if Obama had swooped into office and made sweeping changes in the first few months of his Presidency.  It would have set everyone back, not just GLBT people but all progressives.  Similarly, nothing would have been more counterproductive, more polarizing, more wasteful than if an organization like the Human Rights Campaign had thrown a hissy fit and driven a wedge between the GLBT community and the Administration.

Yet, along with the criticism faced by the Administration, HRC was lambasted–excoriated–for being pacifist and complicit in Obama’s alleged failure to do anything.  Its President, Joe Solmonese, was personally attacked because he was seen as “too patient” and “too comfortable” with Obama’s lack of immediate action.  In response, Joe sent an email to HRC’s membership, in which he stated what I have always believed–change is incremental:

More importantly: today, and for the next seven years and three months, Barack Obama is the most powerful person in the world, with the largest bully pulpit, and the most power to effect change. To do the work, we have to work with our supporters in Congress and with the Administration. Whatever you think of the Administration’s first nine months, you don’t pass laws by sitting out. You pass laws by sitting at the table.

Some very short-sighted and ridiculous people read into Joe’s comments that HRC was simply going to stand by and let GLBT rights fall into our collective laps.  He and HRC were once again thrown under the bus by critics like Andrew Fucking Sullivan (really, what has his negative attitude and divisiveness done for any of us?), Michelangelo Signorile (same), and even our own local whore, Dan Savage (who at least has DONE something to make things better, particularly for GLBT youth) for being the President’s gay apologist.  Of course, Joe Solmonese is a lot more politically correct and measured than I am, and so he issued an additional statement on HRC’s website, which read in part,

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was the reaction some people had to my comment that on the last day of President Obama’s term, we will be able to look back on many accomplishments in LGBT rights. I still find it hard to believe that anyone thought I was saying that we should be content to wait patiently for our equality. What I said—and what I believe in my heart—is just the opposite.

It is now just a little more than 2 years since the fracas over Obama’s alleged lack of plan or ambition on GLBT rights, and look where he, along with the measured, deliberate, and focused help of HRC and Joe Solmonese, have taken us.  DADT has been repealed.  The IRS, for better or worse, is recognizing our relationships.  The Mathew Shepard Act passed.  Hospital visitation rights for GLBT families is now the law.  The Family Medical Leave Act covers our families.  The Ryan White Act was extended.  Gender identity was added to the federal gov’t list of protected classes.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave an unbelievably controversial and stirring speech to the United Nations about GLBT rights.  The President has called for the repeal of DOMA.  I literally could go on and on.

But I won’t go on except for one more thing.  One especially important thing to me as a citizen of the State of Washington.  Governor Gregoire has said that President Obama’s leadership on GLBT issues was the inspiration that cause her to step up to the plate and go to bat for us.  And she knocked it out of the ballpark.

Just like President Obama, Gov. Gregoire had help from many organizations, primary among them HRC.  HRC’s local volunteer leadership, many of whom are my friends and people I respect, worked and will continue to work tirelessly to defeat Ref. 74 and protect our newly recognized equality.  Some of them have even taken leadership positions in the Washington United for Marriage coalition.  HRC has paid staff people on the ground here in Washington working on Marriage Equality who are also giving everything they have to defeat Ref. 74 in November.  HRC has created a PAC just for Washington’s fight.  You get the picture.

What is my point?  Change is incremental, and incremental change is the only way to effectuate change that is lasting.  Sure, we still have battles to fight–in a measured and respectful and deliberate way.  If we continue to be reasonable and focused and strategic, we will win.  Remember, you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

To the naysayers and the critics of Obama, his Administration, and HRC, I say,

I told you so.  You think you can do it any better?  You think your divisive, scorched-earth approach to attaining equality will get us further in the long run than the approach taken during the past 3 years?  Then why don’t one of you or one of your preferred gay rights organizations pick up the phone  and call on the President of the United States to attend dinner and address the entire GLBT community not once but twice (2009 and 2011).  Why don’t you call on him and demand that he take immediate action on remaining GLBT issues?  Why don’t you try to elect a President who will do it better, faster, and with longer-lasting results?  Why don’t you do some of the heavy-lifting around here so HRC doesn’t have to do it all?  Oh, what’s that?  You or your organization do not have the political capital to make that happen?  Oh.  How odd!  Then I guess it’s time for you to shut the fuck up.

Finally, Joe is leaving HRC at the end of March after 7 years of excellent leadership and service to the GLBT community.  His will be hard shoes to fill.

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As I write this, the General Assembly is meeting. Again, you can watch most of the proceedings and general craziness on the Occupy Seattle Shitshow Livestream camera.

Before I talk about the current “proceedings,” let me take you back less than an hour.  Less than an hour ago, when I logged into the Shitshow (I’ve combined it into it’s own word, so there), an arrest was occurring.  The police had swooped in to arrest a Native American man who had spread blankets out on the ground at Westlake Center and had begun a prayer session.  I personally believe they arrested him because he appeared to be setting up an authorized campsite, just like the previous ___ number nights. The Occupy Seattle people, however, had what I thought at the time were legitimate concerns about whether he was being arrested in violation of the Constitution for practicing his religion.  They also expressed concern that he was being arrested because of his Native American ancestry, for which there was more squawking now that I think about it than because of perceived religious discrimination.  Nevertheless, he was hauled away.

Now, what happened next seems more than a little coincidental to me, but I will let you decide.

Within 5 minutes of the arrest of the Native American gentleman, the General Assembly (the “GA”) re-convened.  The first person to address the group after the arrest of the Native American man was from the “People of Color Caucus” (I think that is what it was called) of the Occupy Seattle movement.  Quite coincidentally, the Caucus was there to present a declaration or something for the vote of the GA.  It passed, so you’ll all get to read it, but as far as I could tell, the declaration was meant to call attention to the fact that most everyone is an Occupier from a . . . wait for it . . . NO, I’M SERIOUS fucking wait for it . . . .

From a Native American standpoint.  Yes, that’s right.  It was basically a manifesto from the Caucus (and similar Caucuses around the country) about the colonization of North America by Western Europeans and the mistreatment of the Native American peoples they found here.  Did I mention that this conversation started literally within minutes of the arrest, published live on the Occupy Seattle Shitshow Livestream, of a Native American man?

In the premise of colonization lies a nugget of truth, no doubt.  But that is not the purpose of my blog post tonight, and it is my fucking blog so later we can come back to colonization, raping and pillaging, Columbus Day, and giving thanks that someone stole this great land from others and then locked said others away like zoo animals on reservations.  The purpose of this blog is to point out that a Native American man showed up tonight, did something that resulted in his arrest, followed by a bunch of screaming (literally) about Native Americans and religious freedom, and then the next 90 minutes of the GA’s time was spent arguing about the white man’s occupation of Seattle and the country as a whole.  One of the Caucus members even “grabbed the mic” (which means he spoke and everyone else repeated his words) and said, “We already think that Westlake Center and the country is occupied by you Occupy Seattle people, and we want that to be part of this movement’s platform.”  [I paraphrased, but that was the point of his commentary.]

And then, I shit you not, a 30 minute discussion ensued about a proposal from the Caucus to change the name of Occupy Seattle to something different. Here were the choices, roughly [N.B., I swear to you, I am not making this shit up.  How could someone?]:

  1. Decolonize/(Un)Occupy Seattle
  2. Decolonize Seattle
  3. Decolonize/Occupy Seattle
  4. (Un)Occupy Seattle

Obviously, what this already unbelievably well-choreographed, clear, coherent, united movement needs is a name change.  A name change will obviously put an end to the corporate hi-jacking of our electoral system and will send a very clear message to the 1% that we are sick and tired of the concentration of wealth and power that has resulted from a system of government that gives a disproportionate voice to the ultra-affluent and to corporate interests.

See, I do understand the message and the original point of the Occupy movement.  What I don’t understand is WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING AND, IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO DO IT, WHY ARE YOU DOING IT LIVE ON CAMERA?  Tonight is proof-positive that you people have lost sight of your own objective.  At this point, the only thing Occupy Seattle (and I fear the rest of the Occupy movement) is good for is late-night entertainment.  But so is Chelsea Lately, David Letterman, SNL, and porn, all of which is way less tedious than watching you people have a circle jerk, figuratively speaking (I hope), all of which is also scripted, just like what I believe I saw tonight.  I don’t know who is playing whom, but I’m not fucking buying it.

Per usual.

Update 10/21 11:30 a.m.:  White Eagle, the Native American man who I thought had been arrested, was not.  See comments from him and others, below.

Update 10/21 1:30 p.m.:  The minutes/notes from the GA last night have been posted.  The evening’s festivities are documented a little more than half-way down the page.

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